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I am going to be comparing two short stories. The first story 'The Grave by The Handpost' by Thomas Hardy, which was written in the ninth century; the other story was 'Drunkard Of The River' which was written by Michael Anthony in the twentieth century.

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Wide Reading Assignment I am going to be comparing two short stories. The first story 'The Grave by The Handpost' by Thomas Hardy, which was written in the ninth century; the other story was 'Drunkard Of The River' which was written by Michael Anthony in the twentieth century. 'The Grave By The Handpost' is set in a rural area called Wessex in England. The river Ortoire on the Caribbean island of Trinidad sets Michael Anthony's story 'Drunkard Of The River'. 'The Grave By The Handpost' and 'Drunkard Of The River' have some differences, both the stories are written approximately one hundred years apart; but they also have similarities. The father son relationships, both stories are about regretting something, which has happened. Also they both have parts of the story that is in dialect. 'The Grave By The Handpost' is about a man called Sargent Holway, who committed suicide. Sargent Holway committed suicide because he had a son who wanted to become a mechanic in spite of his father's wish for him to follow in his footsteps and join the army. He persuaded his son Luke to go and join the army overseas but as a result of this he had a terrible time. ...read more.


end of the story you do not know exactly what happened to Mano (in fact Sona pushed his father Mano into the river Ortoire). Micheal Anthony does not say what Sona had done to raise more sympathy for Sona and try to make the audience understand why Sona did it. The style which I prefer is the one which Micheal Anthony used because it makes you wonder what could of happened, it makes you understand why Sona did what he did and what frame of mind he was in when he did it. The main characters in 'The Grave By The Handpost' are sergeant Holway and Luke Holway. Sargent Holway is an army veteran; he would like his son Luke to follow in his footsteps and become like him. Luke Holway is the son of sergeant Holway he wants to become a car mechanic but his father forced him to join the army. Luke hated it when he went to join the army overseas; Luke was not really built for the army. The main characters in 'Drunkard Of The River' are Sona and Mano; Sona is a young boy who really hates his father also he don't understand why anyone could like his father especially his mother moreover 'Sona could not see why she bothered about his father at all for Mano was stupid and worthless and made their lives miserable.' ...read more.


Also a key moment in the story is when Luke Holway lived in a little cottage by himself because he was depressed about his father. Luke committed suicide because he wanted to join his father. Luke left a note when he died saying he wanted to be buried at the crossroads beside his father but by the time the note was read his body was buried in the graveyard. This was an important factor because it shows the readers to what depth Luke Holway had sunk to during his depression and it also reveals how he never forgave himself for his father's death. I think the most important events, which happened throughout 'Drunkard Of The River', are when Sona goes to Assing's shop to collect his father but his father Mano gets angry and kicks him in the stomach. This is an important event because it changes the mood of the story and makes Sona's hatred for Mano build up even more inside. Another important event is when Sona and Mano are on the boat going home, but Sona arrives home by himself. When Sona's mother asks where Mano is; Sona starts to panic and runs away. This is also a key event because it shows us that Sona had done something bad and that Sona could have possibly killed his father Mano. By ...read more.

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