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I am going to compare and contrast two stories the first 'The Fury' and the second 'A Bit of a Commotion' which were both written by Stan Barstow.

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'A Bit of a Commotion' & 'The Fury' I am going to compare and contrast two stories the first 'The Fury' and the second 'A Bit of a Commotion' which were both written by Stan Barstow. 'The Fury' is a story which shows Mr and Mrs Fletcher who have an argument about Mr Fletcher being seen with another woman which results in her making Mr Fletcher leave, and when he leaves she doesn't think he's going to come back so she kills the one thing that Mr Fletcher spends all his time with and keeps her and her husband apart, his rabbits. But then that evening Mr Fletcher comes back to apologise and tells his wife what really happened that night at the bus stop with the other woman, and Mrs Fletcher realises how stupid she was killing the rabbits. She doesn't tell him that night what she has done but instead enjoys what may be the last night she has with her husband. 'A Bit Of A Commotion' tells the story of Harry Gravener who is a bad time keeper and gets his last warning from work, so he decides to turn over a new leaf. On the morning he decides to do this an old woman gets knocked down which makes him late for work so he decides to go home, but when he gets home to find his wife Phyllis still in and accusing him of not being able to do any thing right. ...read more.


It was awful.' And he also shows this with Mrs Fletcher when he walks out after the argument and also when he comes back to apologise 'he closed the door and stood sheepishly behind it, his eyes avoiding hers.' He seems to love her even though he's had an affair and he shows this when 'what a great fool, I'd been ever to risk losing all that mattered for a brazen baggage like her.' He knows and understands his wife and he's not always honest like the time when he had the affair. He focuses more on his rabbits and doesn't give his wife enough attention. Mr and Mrs Fletcher's marriage seems to have a lack of trust but it has already survived an affair so there could still be a future. Although Mrs Fletcher makes an effort Mr Fletcher doesn't make enough effort and this is shown when he spends all his time with the rabbits instead of his wife, also he doesn't speak his mind as much as his wife, maybe he needs to be more honest and tell his wife how he feels. 'A bit of a commotion' is written in third person narrative so the language is more informal; the story has a similar dialogue to the 'Fury' so you don't get other characters views or feelings, and is set around the 1960-70. ...read more.


The title refers to the accident at the beginning of the story but it could also refer to him hitting his wife. The ending is ironic as he could have just gone to work, and also in 'The Fury' if she had listened to her husband she would not have killed the rabbits. In both stories the reader is left to image the future. From reading both stories I don't think there is a future, as Mrs Fletchers killed the rabbits which are the one thing her husband cares more about than her. And also at the end of the story she says 'there could be no future' but the couple are older and they have already got over an affair so there still could be a future. In 'A Bit Of a Commotion' Harry and Phyllis are not as committed to each other as much as Mr and Mrs Fletcher are, as Mrs Fletcher based her life round her husband but Phyllis has not, and also Phyllis is young and attractive so she has more chance of not coming back and also when she left she took her bags with her which could be an indication that she is not going to come back, where as when Mr Fletcher left he did not take his bags so he had to return at some point. But there still maybe a future for Harry and Phyllis as they are married and Harry thought she would come back by the end of the day, so there still could be a future for both couples. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay is set out as a comparative essay; however very little comparison is carried out and this must be the focus when looking at two texts. Identify similarities in the use of form, structure and language and also explore any obvious differences.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 20/08/2013

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