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I am going to explore the ways Arthur Miller has made act two Scene 1 of 'A View From The Bridge' dramatic. I am also going to show how themes, language and social issues play a part

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Explore the Way Arthur Miller Makes the Opening Scene of Act 2 Dramatic to Watch? In my assignment I am going to explore the ways Arthur Miller has made act two Scene 1 of 'A View From The Bridge' dramatic. I am also going to show how themes, language and social issues play a part in making the play dramatic. Miller created 'A view From the Bridge' in a form of a Greek tragedy and its written in 1956. The play is set in Brooklyn, New York and deals with themes of love, rivalry and the law. Like Greek tragedies, this play is full of tension that builds up throughout. In the final scene of Act 1 Miller constructed a cliff-hanger, this inflicted high tension. He created a scene where Marco gives a silent warning to Eddie. This is a shock to the audience because it implies the violence that actually occurs in the tragic final scene of the play. Act 2 opens and is very different to the last scene in Act 1 that contains a threat of violence. ...read more.


When Alfieri says ' Catherine told me later this was the first time her and Rodolfo had been in the house alone' this makes us want more of the play as we know something is going to happen. The set Design at the opening of act 2 shows Rodolfo in Eddie's chair. This suggests that he want's to take the place of Eddie in Catherine's life. The scene draws us in when it opens, as it is calm and domestic, but there is a contrast when Catherine questions Rodolfo for reassurance of the love she and Rodolfo share. In this scene, we gain insight into the character of Rodolfo. He is genuine as he says he would not marry Catherine if they went to Italy. He is also sensitive and proud and this scene gives a totally different insight into his character as he gets angry for the first time. Rodolfo uses poetic imagery when he says to Catherine 'if I take a little bird.... ...read more.


Eddie always seems to want to be in control even after he was in the wrong, an example of this is when he says to Rodolfo ' watch your step submarine.... they oughta throw you back in the water but only I got pity for you'. He telling Rodolfo do not take her or I will tell immigration. To conclude the themes in the play and character's interaction makes it very dramatic. The inevitable was always going to happen in this play, as Eddie has too many feelings for Catherine and this play would have always turned out bad as all of the people involved had strong thoughts and Feelings. They all had there own personalities even though some of them didn't show them till it was to late. I think the way the personalities were present it made it dramatic to watch as you never new what was going to happen next. I believe it was dramatic to watch as it had many areas me, as the audience could relate too. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Parker 11 1095 Words March 2006 ...read more.

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