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I am going to look at each scene in which Romeo and Juliet appear together in the play and describe how I would like the characters to be presented on the stage.

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I am going to look at each scene in which Romeo and Juliet appear together in the play and describe how I would like the characters to be presented on the stage. I will be including; the way they speak to one another, there facial expressions, their gestures, their movement and actions, there feelings, pauses and silences, the effect of the language used on the audience, their costumes and where the scenes will be set. Romeo and Juliet is about two families, the Montagues and the Capulet's. The two families are always fighting and after one especially bad fight the Prince orders them to stop fighting or face harsh consequences. The two families then agree a truce. However at a party at the Capulet mansion Romeo (Son of Montague) meets Juliet (Daughter of Capulet) and the two fall in love. But the two of them don't want to tell their families in case of an increase of tension between the two of them. Romeo and Juliet then get married by Friar Lawrence without anyone knowing. Unfortunately Tybalt (Son of Capulet) finds out and attacks Romeo. Romeos friend Mercutio (who is homosexual) then tries to help Mercutio but Tybalt kills him. Romeo then kills Tybalt in vengeance. Romeo is then banished because he killed Tybalt and while he's away arrangements are made for Juliet to marry Paris (rich, attractive man). Friar Lawrence then helps Juliet by giving her a potion that will make it seem as if she is dead when really she is only asleep. The plan is for her to be presumed dead and therefore be put in her coffin. ...read more.


Lady Capulet will then shout at the servants to get on with what she told them to. Lady Capulets voice will sound high pitched and squeaky with stress and Lord Capulets voice will sound gruff and old. The servants will all say their lines plainly with no sense of emotion. The scene will then switch to later that night. The party is in full swing and the Montagues plus Mercutio arrive. They are all wearing normal black tuxedos, except Romeo who is wearing a red tuxedo. Romeo and Mercutio begin to dance to a heavy Disco beat. Mercutio then spies Paris and points him out to Romeo. Romeo doesn't know who he is so Mercutio tells Romeo that he won sexiest man of the year award. Romeo gets what he's getting at and tells him to go and talk to him. Mercutio Dances over to Paris and pulls him over to one side. By doing this Romeo sees whom he was dancing with. It is Juliet. He is awestruck. The camera keeps switching between Romeos gob smacked face and Juliet's beautifully body as she dances. With each shot the camera either gets slowly closer to Romeos face or slowly zooms out from Juliet's body. The music then comes to abrupt stop with a loud drum 'thump' as Juliet and Romeos eyes meet. The camera then pans out and begins to swing round in circles as the two gaze into each other's eyes. Slow French music begins to play and the camera switches to a close up of Juliet and in the background you can see Paris trying to fight off Mercutio's molesting hands in a comical fashion. ...read more.


His stay however gets interrupted by Lord Capulet telling Juliet she must marry Paris. Juliet refuses and this results in a heated argument. The scene will be set in Juliet's bedroom and will start with Romeo Throwing stones at Juliet's window. Juliet will then come to the window and open it allowing Romeo to climb in. Juliet will then try and talk to Romeo about the situation but he will be continually trying to kiss her and trying to get close to her. Eventually the two of them will have sex. The scene will then change to that morning where Romeo wakes up after having a nightmare about the death if Tybalt. He then kisses Juliet on the cheek and presides to put his clothes back on. But before he can leave Juliet wakes up and they kiss. While they are kissing. Juliet's nurse enters the room and tells Juliet that her mother is on the way up. Romeo will then bid fare well to Juliet before exiting via the window. At that moment Lady Capulet will enter through the door and tell Juliet that she must marry Paris on Thursday. This upsets Juliet and when her father comes into the room to confirm that Lady Capulet has told her, she will bluntly refuse. This will enrage Lord Capulet and he will slap her repeatedly round the face and then pick her up and throw her around the room, whilst shouting at her about her disloyalty and ungratefulness. In this scene Juliet will be wearing a white dressing gown, Lord Capulet will be wearing a suit, Lady Capulet will be wearing a green dress and the Nurse will be wearing red overalls. Romeo and Juliet directors notes Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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