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I am going to write about three poems, a Thomas Hardy poem called Neutral Tones and the other two, from Relationships collection. My choices are Our Love Now and Song for Last Years Wife.

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GCSE English - Poetry Abid Mussa I am going to write about three poems, a Thomas Hardy poem called ?Neutral Tones? and the other two, from ?Relationships? collection. My choices are ?Our Love Now? and ?Song for Last Year?s Wife?. I am going to explore the way the poets present their feelings about relationships. Firstly, I am going to write about ?Neutral Tones?. This poem is about the relationship between the poet and his wife, who did not love each other any longer. ?Neutral Tones? is written negatively, in a depressing way, shows the marriage died in the cold, bitter winter. The poet chose this title ?Neutral Tones? to show that there are no emotions in the marriage and suggests the colour is dull and dreary. The structure of this poem is split into four stanzas; each of them has rhymes effect at the end of the line, ABBA. This is how the first four lines end, ??that winter day? ??chidden of God? ??starving sod? ??and were gray? This is because the first and last lines, AA that goes around a circle like a circular pond. ...read more.


In my opinion, I find the poem quite depressing with many references to neutral things, such as colours and the landscape, yet the emotions expressed in this poem are very black. Secondly, I am going to write about ?Our Love Now?. This poem is an argument between two lovers. It is written in alternative statements, giving a man?s point of view first and the woman?s second. In man?s point of view in left column in second stanza, the poet uses repetition ?Such is our love, such is our love? It shows the poet wants to persuade his wife that his point of view is right. The poet uses lots of emotive language to explain the ?damage? can be repaired and a woman thinks all these suffering will last longer. ??skin slowly knits? ??cut will mend? ??red burnt flesh is ugly? It shows the poem is so emotional that it is clear to us how each of these people feel, one person thinks their relationship is worth fighting for, the other does not. ...read more.


Although, these lines could make us think Alice is dead. We feel sorry for him here. Another example of emotive language is in line 8, ??it is as if nothing special had changed? It sounds as if the world doesn?t know they've split up. Also if this marriage had ended in the summer time, then we would not feel the emotions of loss, depression and things ending or dying. This is a ?Sympathetic background?. The reader also finds themselves feeling sorry for Alice who has walked out of this marriage. ?I send out my spies, to discover what you are doing? We feel that this is unfair and that Alice cannot just get on with her life. The poet almost wants the reader to believe his opinion, as we only hear the husband?s side of the story. The title further makes us feel little sympathy for the husband. Has he replaced Alice with a new wife? This poem is a dramatic monologue because only one person is talking all the way through in one long stanza, and we don?t know what Alice?s opinion is. ...read more.

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