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I am Legend Review

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I am Legend Review The legend has come upon us Directed by Francis Lawrence and written by Mark Protosevich and Akiva Goldsman, released in 2007 and gaining a spectacular seven awards and sixteen nominations, this thrilling sci-fi, horror film is bound to leave you speechless. Lawrence has definitely made the film truly immense. After you watch the film once, you will be left hooked. I am Legend, (based on the book written by Richard Matheson) As originally a vampire horror but the film has been adapted this into a sci-fi, tremendously well. I am Legend is definitely better than 'Constantine' (2005) which only gained one reward and four nominations. When the tragic Krippen virus (KV) brakes out in New York, Manhattan has to be evacuated. ...read more.


Although I am not into sci-fi, horror films such as 28 weeks or Men in Black. 'I am Legend' had really impressed me. I enjoyed the action packed sc-fi, horror film. It was an amazing example of a perfectly executed film. Lawrence has turned the storyline into something that may happen in the future. Smith does an outstanding job in making the only main characters believable and likeable. As we travel through his life as he deals with pain, anger and joy, we see his emotions he makes us feel that he is the character. The other character include: the 'dark seekers' who are made to look extremely believable (there is a ring leader). Also Samantha the dog, who plays a big part in the film as she brings us closer to Dr Robert Neville. ...read more.


Like when he is putting the dog down, we only see his face whilst he is putting the dog down, we see his pain, and there isn't any music in that scene, it makes it more striking. Smith played the role of the character in such a way that the audience feels drawn to him, we get to witness the way in which he lives his life, we see everything he has faced. We see what he went through when he lost his family. We can connect to him, as we are made to understand how he feels. This was an excellent example of a fantastic sci-fi adventure; no one can top the great storyline and perfect example of a true heart-breaking story, which will leave you crying. I give this film a ten out of ten for the hard work that has been put into it. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Camilla Biskup ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

Four stars
A thorough review which encapsulates the action and horror of the film. It also analyses character and audience response well.
Quite a few typing/spelling and technical errors which could have been omitted with careful proof-reading.
Perhaps a little more description of the special effects would draw in the sci-fan more.

Marked by teacher Elaine Prentice 14/10/2013

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