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I am writing an essay comparing three different types of text. A poem "The Beggar Women" by William King, a story "The Withered Arm" by Thomas Hardy and another poem called " Charlotte O'Neil's Song" by Fiona Farrell

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Comparative Assignment I am writing an essay comparing three different types of text. A poem "The Beggar Women" by William King, a story "The Withered Arm" by Thomas Hardy and another poem called " Charlotte O'Neil's Song" by Fiona Farrell because they are all from different times but are centred around similar themes. They are written in different styles, which enable them to illustrate the theme and morals in quite diverse ways. All three pieces of text were set in pre- twentieth century times. People were treated in a way that would not be acceptable nowadays. In the past, Women were treated with less respect, like second-class citizens. For example in "The Withered Arm" Farmer Lodge, in modern times, would be obliged to pay Rhoda some kind of benefits. Farmer lodge is from The Withered Arm he is a rich man with his own land, house, and cows and even has his own dairy. He treated Rhoda and his son very badly, because he abandoned them both when his son was very little. He treats Gertrude, his new wife, like a trophy, a pretty face to show off around the town like his own possession locked up in his house. This all goes pear shaped when her arm first begins to wither, she becomes less attractive and he ignores her. He has been thinking of adopting Rhoda's son because Gertrude can have no children and he would like someone to inherit his property. ...read more.


In the Beggar Women the women is vastly more cunning than the Squire as she tricks him into taking the baby off her hands. He assumes he is in control because he thinks she wants to have sex but all this is not true as this was part of the plan. He recognises the child is with her and still wants sex I found this quite disturbing and it shows how ruthless and unemotional this man is. He even goes as far as to strap the baby on his back. At the end I don't feel sorry for any of them apart from the baby because he got what he deserves and she had some justice. I would just hope the baby is not emotionally disturbed. I think charlotte O'Neill is a quiet, frightened character; she worked for an arrogant employer at a house where she was a servant. In the end she plucks up some courage and resigns. This is obviously the result of her bad and unjust treatment. This to me signifies a change for the better in her life because now she is free and not under manners by a horrible. She is entering a new life in a different country. I am pleased that she has shown courage in the end. The Withered Arm is written in the form of a short story. ...read more.


Also Rhoda's son and the baby, from the Beggar Woman, are innocent and suffer, as they had to grow up missing a parent. In the case of Rhoda's son he is hanged for arson maybe trying to let some anger out from a troubled youth. I liked all three texts because they all had similar morals about the relationships between men and women and it puts across the point that women are stronger than men. Out of all the women in the stories I felt the most sympathy for Rhoda and Gertrude. This is because Rhoda was bringing up a child by herself, with very little money and was watching the father marry another women. I feel sorry for Gertrude because she was a nice woman who was totally innocent and did not need to be messed around by Farmer lodge like she did. The only character I feel absolutely no sympathy for is the Employer of Charlotte O'Neill as he was cruel for no reason at all as if he didn't have a conscience. I think Charlotte O'Neill would congratulate the Beggar Woman as she showed she had her wits about her and that she was going to do something about her situation. I think Charlotte O'Neill be disappointed in Rhoda for not being strong enough and letting Farmer Lodge treat her so badly. Women's lives have changed dramatically in the past hundred years due to the fact that they now demand more respect, which they deserve. They are now treated like equals. By Harry Fisher ...read more.

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