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I believe Battery caged chickens should be banned

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Caged Chickens should be banned as it is cruel and unfair I believe that battery caged chickens should be illegal and that barn or free range chickens should be the only way chickens are farmed. Eighty five percent of chickens are battery caged and seventy percent of these are kept in sheds containing over twenty thousand chickens, some containing up to one hundred thousand. Battery caged chickens should be banned because they are farmed in totally unacceptable conditions. Most chickens have four hundred and fifty sq cm of living space which is less space than an A four sheet of paper! This is disgraceful because the chickens have no room to move or carry out any of their normal activities. How would you feel if you were stuck in a small room for all your life? The least we can do for the chickens is give them some living space and let them live as normal a life as possible. ...read more.


Most farms have four or five birds per cage, each cage about twenty by twenty inches. Cages can be stacked up to six cages high from one end of a farm to the other. They are in their cages for about seventy-two weeks and by that stage their bones are brittle from stepping on their wired cages. The cages they are kept in are tiny and the wires are making their lives a misery and causing them great pain. This is just another one of the many reasons why farming chickens in cages should be banned. Jane Howorth and her husband moved house and decided they would keep some chickens, Jane went to a battery farm to buy a dozen chickens but when she realised the cruel conditions the chickens were kept in, she came home with three dozen chickens! " I went to a battery farm intending to get a dozen," explains Jane. ...read more.


This is better than cages but there is still not much room for the chickens to live in. Free range chickens have access to the outdoors during the day and by law they have to be kept by one thousand chickens to a hectare which is ten thousand metres. This is lots of space for chickens to walk around and plenty of space for them to live a pretty good life. This is the fairest way for chickens to be farmed because they have plenty of space to move around and live in; they are able to carry out their normal activities and needs, such as dust bathing or just being able to spread their wings. This is why I believe that farming battery chickens should be made illegal and that a more fair way such as the barn or free range systems should be the only way chickens should be farmed. It is the least we can do to let the chickens lead as normal and as happy a life as possible. Don't you think? Sites I used: www.downthelane.net/battery.php www.rspca.org.uk www.bbc.co.uk Jack Hutchinson 11C ...read more.

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