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I believe in ghosts is a film made by the BBC in which Joe Swash, (a former Eastenders Character,) travels Great Britain in search of tangible proof of the afterlife.

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I believe in ghosts- Joe Swash 'I believe in ghosts' is a film made by the BBC in which Joe Swash, (a former Eastenders Character,) travels Great Britain in search of tangible proof of the afterlife. He will make his decision based on the evidence that he has gathered and his experience of it. Joe swash thinks that the 'undead' are just dead people with unfinished business, but he doesn't think that he will 100% believe in ghosts or spirits until he has seen one himself. At the start of the film he goes to see a medium called Tracy Brookes. Tracy Brookes tells him realistic details about his life, about his father who was a taxi driver and had died of a heart attack. Naturally, he was moved. Could this be proof of a spiritual connection? Some would disagree with this and say that the medium had got all the information off Wikipedia since that information is available on that site. This was his first venture into life after death and he said that he was amazed with the accuracy of the information given to him about his father. As he is Catholic, he goes to see Father Steven Wang to get a Catholic view on the afterlife. As a catholic Father Steven Wang does believe that there are spiritual forces and beings at work in the world, and that they influence the world, but he wouldn't say at all that there is a belief of stranded souls roaming around the world. ...read more.


Infrasound. This is a low frequency sound, between 18 and 20 hertz. Infrasound generates lots of energy and makes the castle walls and windows vibrate. Research proves that this energy causes these paranormal like experiences. You can't hear infrasound but you can feel it. He also goes to see another parapsychologist, this time called Dr Caroline Watts. She also has a scientific reason to disprove the afterlife: The right-hemisphere of our brain. People who are active in the Right-hemisphere of their brain may think some particular feelings, which could be chance or coincidence, are connected with ghosts or spirits. For example; if you are in a spooky room or location, if your right hemisphere is really active you might instantly think that you have seen a ghost or felt or heard something. At his house he watches a film on You Tube about a well-known real life ghost story. It was North London 1977 where a normal family, (The Hodgson family) moved to Green Street in Enfield, London. They started to experience some weird things. They started to see things being moved across the room and they started to hear knocks on the walls and so did one of their neighbours. And then things like Lego blocks and marbles get thrown across the room. A chair get's thrown across the room and nearly hits the uncle on the head. ...read more.


In that fire the parents of the children knew that their kids were going to die slowly and painfully, so they slit their kid's throats so that they wouldn't go through with the pain. * In those days they would pay �1.50 to buy a kid to clean their chimney, sometimes the child would get stuck and would die there. During the night he said that he was only scared because he was in a supposed scary place and it was freaking him out, he didn't hear of see anything. But the next day he went to see the BBC sound manager, who said that there was a sound in fact that night which endured for 15-20 minutes and you could hear the voice on top of the music from the pub nearby, so that it's not possible for the voice to be from the pub. After that, the voice stops, someone from the sound team suggested that it sounded like the last rites which catholic priests say when people die. At the end of the program he made a conclusion: yes, he does believe that there is something out there and yes, he does believe in ghosts. In my opinion, I think that the Enfield poltergeist is what we call in Islam; a jinn. In Islam, a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people is called a jinn. I think it has strengthened my opinion about life after death and has put a bigger impact on my views of the Supernatural. ...read more.

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