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I could tell it was going to be a bad day from the moment I woke up. My alarm went off, '7.15 am' it read. I fought to sit up, slowly stepped out of bed, and right into the pizza I neglected to finish off.

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Sept/13th.2003 I could tell it was going to be a bad day from the moment I woke up. My alarm went off, '7.15 am' it read. I fought to sit up, slowly stepped out of bed, and right into the pizza I neglected to finish off. With the pizza stuck to my foot I stumbled towards the bathroom, only to find out I had no hair gel. I thought a shower would be my best bet. As I got out of the shower, and toweled myself dry I suddenly realized that I had an early meeting. I dashed toward the kitchen, hastily dressed, and tried to brush my hair down into some kind of style. Luckily, I had left the cornflakes out on the table from the previous night. I fumbled to empty some into a bowl, and then continued to pour milk on. I tipped the bottle and to my ultimate horror a lumpy, almost yoghurt, liquid oozed out and plopped onto my cornflakes. ...read more.


As I came to my former desk, I noticed they had left me a nice letter and a little box cardboard box...how thoughtful. It was at this point it all got to me' "HAVE A NICE DAY"?!? I shouted, as I threw my belongings into the box and stormed out. As I got into the lift the older lady from accounting just looked at me and sighed "Lost your job darling" I just shot her a look as if to say, ' Talk to me again and I will be forced to make a sarcastic comment about your make-up', well that's what I was thinking at least. She didn't try to start a conversation after that. Finally the lift came to the ground floor, I stepped out and took one last look and thought 'This isn't an office building...its hell with florescent lighting'. I left the building and got into my car. I thought I would go for that breakfast now. ...read more.


"Mind if I join you, you look like you could use some company" he was very well spoken. He wasn't very tall, about average height I would say. He had short, dark brown hair, which was purposely spiked, with ice blue eyes. He was wearing fairly casual clothes; blue jeans and a beige t-shirt with a white 'Animal' logo printed on the front. "Sure, be my guest. I could use some company to be honest with you" "I'm Jeremy by the way" Jeremy...I have never met a Jeremy before. "Hi Jeremy, I'm Marc" And that's where it began. From there on we got talking about many things; Life, loves and past. He is the most interesting guy I have met in my life, and from that day we kept in touch, and gradually got closer and closer. Now I have Jeremy, someone special to me that I can share bad days with as well as some of the best days of my life. This is a prime example of how life can change and flip 180 degrees. How a bad day can turn out to be the most important and special day of you life. ...read more.

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