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I couldn’t wait for our adventure to begin

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I couldn't wait for our adventure to begin, we were waiting at Heathrow airport, in the check in, I was going on safari with my best friend Liam, we had been waiting for this trip for what felt like years, but it was actually seven months, we had been given this trip to us as a leaving present from our whole village in Ireland, our village was a remote, well hidden village, we had left it in order to pursue our careers as zoologists so this safari was an ideal start, every zoologist dreams of going on safari, we are going to have the experience of safari even before we start our course. James and I had loads of luggage with us, we were worried that it would be too much to have on the plane, as we had seen on television that if you have to much luggage you are charged for it, and we didn't have enough money to pay for it, it was our turn, gave our tickets and our passports in, both were fine, but we were still waiting on the luggage, the stewardess looked up at me as if to say to, "oh dear, I am very sorry but we cannot let you on this plane, you have to much luggage!" I wasn't too sure whether this was a look of apology, or was it paranoia setting in? ...read more.


It was actually six thirty at the time and I didn't tell him that I had been up that long too, it was very rare to get a n apology from Liam, so I just shouted back as he hurried out of the room in utter excitement, "don't worry Liam, we'll be off in three and a half hours like you said." I was scared, the jeep was going really fast across this bumpy terrain every time we went over a bigger that usual bump it seemed like the jeep was going to turn over, we were racing across this plain land a about hundred and ten miles per hour, we must have been travelling for about fifteen minutes, so we were approximately twenty seven miles from the hotel, this is when we saw an amazing sight, we saw this gigantic herd of antelope suddenly start to stampede, the guides started to explain why, they said that usually when a herd of antelope start to stampede it is when one of them has spotted some lionesses, and so they had to act fast and run and that is why they had stampeded, and then out of nowhere two lionesses appeared, as soon as I saw them I realized that I had to get my camcorder out and start to film this, the two lionesses pounced and began to rip apart this antelope, you heard one last yelp from the antelope and that was it, the ...read more.


It was the most enormous, gigantic beast I had ever seen, before I had only ever seen a baby hippo at London zoo, but this was huge! It was all muddy and dry, this was nothing like what I had expected to see, it was better than seeing elephants. My camcorder was rolling, it was amazing, but suddenly this hippo seemed to collapse, the guides didn't know what had happened, but to me it seemed like it had died, I kept asking the guide to drive over to him so we could see, but he refused, he said it was too dangerous, Liam and I persisted in asking, but they refused. Eventually they decided that we better head back, leaving Liam and I thinking about that poor hippo. We got back to the hotel and we couldn't stop thinking about that hippo, was he dead or just injured or sick, it was horrible knowing that he would come to his end whatever happened, if he's still alive the vultures will eat him and kill him, and if he's dead the vultures will eat him anyway. It left us thinking all that night, we stayed up that night thinking of the hippo and what our week had left in our memories. It was a wicked week, apart from the thought of the hippo being left in our memories! And that was it, that night we went to sleep, awoke the next morning and boarded our flight home to Limerick. ...read more.

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