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I hate this place.

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I hate this place. I hate this gloomy room and this draughty window. I hate these people and I hate ... Whoa! I think my life may just get better. They look really nice. A tall, handsome man and his petite, brunette wife. Well, I guess it's his wife. They look like they're married. You know what, I bet they are loaded. You can just tell these kinds of people can't you? She's got her long beige coat and her perfectly clean brown shoes. In fact, I'm sure they're the Christian Dior ones I saw down the High Street last weekend. Anyway, imagine what it would be like if I lived in their house. It's probably a great big mansion in the middle of some great forest. You know, like the ones you see on T.V. I would have my own lovely pink, painted room and my own swimming pool, gym and... "Hey! Haven't you heard of knocking?" "There are people here to see you," she says to me in her squeaky stuck up voice. "Yes!" I yell as I jump around. Nearly falling off my bed may I add? I think I better get on my posh dress and high shoes. I feel like the Queen. I'm dead excited. A new family! A new life. Mr. and Mrs. Mansion house, here comes Mel. Of course, they aren't here to see me. ...read more.


I jumped. Mum told me I wasn't to get involved and that I had to go back to bed and forget about. So I did - go back to bed that is. But I definitely couldn't forget about it. So I stayed awake and locked myself in my room all the next day until I finally, after about three whole hours of non-stop knocking, I let mum in. She came to tell me that that night she had made plans to go out with her friends. It was her friend's hen party, one of those nights where it's all girls, no men allowed. They get all glammed up and drink all night. Oh, and pull men, of course. I knew Fred wouldn't be happy about this but mum was determined not to let him ruin it for her. So I agreed to stay in with him that night and promised to call mum if he got violent again. I could tell mum didn't really trust him with me but she wanted to prove to him that she can live her own life. So I was brave and stayed home. I know I should have called my mum like I promised her, but I just got to sick and I didn't want to be the one to spoil her night. Mum left at around 7pm. Fred and I watched a few films, silently, all night until it got to around 10pm. ...read more.


You see, those posh people have just left and Maureen has been up again. She remembered to knock this time. "We've just had a phone call off a lady asking for you." "Who?" I asked her excitedly. "Well that's just it. We don't know who she was. She had a slight Scottish accent if that's any help?" My mum was half Scottish and sometimes it showed through. It couldn't be her though. She would have forgotten me by now. "No. NO help" "She says to tell you not to go anywhere and not to worry because Fred's not there." She sounded a little confused. "OH MY GOD" I exclaimed. I've shoved on some clothes and I'm now downstairs on the phone. I've been trying to find out the number that called but little Sam has been playing with the phone and has had a stream of people calling up. So I'm going to just have to wait here and see if she turns up. I'm so excited you know. I'm like a little child on Christmas Eve. You know the type that are little brats and won't go to sleep until they've seen Santa? I can feel the tension building up more and more as the hours go by. Everyone knows what's going on now and the others keep offering me words of wisdom as they call it, food and drink but I can't take it. I'm just going to sit silently until she arrives. I hate this place. December 2003 Original Writing Danielle Jenkins Coursework- Waiting 1 ...read more.

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