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"I have a dream". In what ways does this extract/s show that Martin Luther King was an effective public speaker?

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´╗┐In what ways does this extract/s show that Martin Luther King was an effective public speaker? In Martin Luther King?s speech ?I have a dream? He uses rhetorical devices, emotive language and a careful choice of pronouns to establish rapport with the audience. Before King became a speaker he was a Baptist minister, which means he was used to speaking in public and was very knowledgeable on the bible. The speech was given exactly one hundred years after the Emancipation Proclamation and was making the point that these promises were made but had not taken place. 1: In the first paragraph of the extract, King starts with the words ?Go back?. This is repeated several times throughout the paragraph and after all, but one, followed by a southern state. The repetition of the two words gives the paragraph a memorable quality; it also stresses that they go back to the racist states in the south. King establishes rapport with the audience in this paragraph first by showing his understanding of the southern states; this causes the audience to have a greater trust in him. Secondly by using emotive language as in ?slums and ghettos?, this paints a vivid picture in the audiences mind. Finally by making a promise, the promise that the whole of the audience had come to hear, the promise that ?this situation can and will be changed?. ...read more.


King refers to his ?four little children,? this is incredibly emotive because people naturally feel very empathic towards little innocent children. This is a good example of an anecdote king uses a few in his speech. The effect of this is leaving the audience feeling very touched and open for suggestions on how to change the situation, because the image of innocent children having to suffer the problems that they and previous generations have been through is horrible. In the second part of the sentence there is some alliteration: ?Colour?Content? Character? this may well have been accidental, however, it still contributes to the strong delivery of this paragraph by emphasising these key words. 9: When king says the phrase ?down in Alabama? emphasise very strongly and pauses on the word ?down?. Because he emphasise this word it is clear that it means more than just the state being in the south, it is most probably a metaphor for the state being down, old fashioned in their views and unable to look forward into a brighter future. He goes on to use very complex yet emotive words ?interposition and nullification?; this gives a vivid presentation of what King trying to portray about the governor of Alabama. In second part of the paragraph King for the second time refers to children. This time he gives the audience the beautiful image of black and which children joining hands and playing together, this is also incredibly emotive and really shows the audience how beautiful things would be if Kings campaign was successful. ...read more.


King then mentions the reality, how the promises made were not for filed. He goes on to the present saying what is happening to the negro and what they still have to suffer, that thy have white support, how they cannot turn back and that they will never will be satisfied with what they have at the present time. After this he goes on to the future, ?I have a dream?, which is what the majority of the extract is. Which he does by through many metaphors about his belief and vision of the perfect future: the hope of Equality, Justice, Freedom and Fairness. To conclude, Martin Luther King motivates and inspires the audience by using rhetorical devices and emotive metaphors to lead them into accept him as their spokesperson. After his death, King was given the honour of being in the list of the top one hundred orators in recorded history, and this speech was ranked the top American speech of the 20th Century. This was partially down to his speaking techniques and his good way with words but is significantly down to his charismatic personality and how he delivered that speech. Interestingly, the ?I have a dream? speech was originally titled ?Normalcy, Never Again?, and the first drafts never included the phrase ?I have a dream?. A friend of King?s called Mahalia Jackson who was an American gospel singer was possibly the reason how this famous phrase came about, she once said to him ?Tell them about the dream, Martin!? ...read more.

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