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I have always believed in equality among society and after reading George Orwell's horrific novel Animal Farm, I was left feeling shocked and disgusted by the deceitfulness and greed of the pigs.

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Animal Farm Critical Response By Rachel Salter I have always believed in equality among society and after reading George Orwell's horrific novel Animal Farm, I was left feeling shocked and disgusted by the deceitfulness and greed of the pigs. Animal Farm is not only an allegory for the Russian Revolution but a thought-provoking and dynamic story. From the beginning of the book it is clear that the pigs are the most intelligent of all the animals so they immediately take control after the rebellion. Some of the 'elite' pigs have already adopted some of mans ways; Snowball and Napoleon have suddenly taught themselves to read and write. At this point it became apparent to me that the pigs would desire leadership positions. "The pigs did not actually work but supervised the others." Napoleon is forever perceived as greedy and selfish. An example of this is being when a bucket of milk mysteriously disappears. Napoleon (who evidently drank it) ...read more.


Without a voice against him, Stalin gained power and influence over his people. Similar to the animals on the farm, they believed everything he said and promised. Also Napoleon now has an elite guard to protect him, identical to Stalin's brutal personal bodyguards. It was at this point that I began to sympathise for the gullible and innocent animals. Squealer is Napoleon's number two throughout the story. He is portrayed as the link between Napoleon and the other animals. Squealer has a special ability to persuade others, Orwell boasts "...he could turn black into white." His mission is to keep everything subjective in the minds of the animals. "No-one believes, more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourself. But sometimes you might make the wrong decision, comrades, and then where should we be?" This classic hypocrisy seen here is only too hard to miss; if all the animals were really equal, then wouldn't it be as likely that Napoleon might make a mistake. ...read more.


Approaching the end of the story is the touching yet destined death of Boxer, a devoted and loyal horse. After working so hard under his master Napoleon, it was easy to guess the tragic outcome. The troubling part however, is the way Napoleon and the other pigs handled his death. Instead of granting him his leisurely retirement, they forced him into a glue manufacturing truck and then lied about it to the other animals. Squealer's role is again illustrated as he proclaims that Boxer died peacefully despite receiving all the best care possible. This highlights that revolutionary socialism does not respect individualism and emphasises the atrocities of the regime. Orwell's approach to the pigs was very effective at another way of emphasising the atrocities of Stalinist Russia in the 1930's. He also may have felt he needed to warn his readers of a tendency towards corruption in all revolutions. Orwell was extremely successful at exploring the faults, which he saw as existing in revolutionary socialism. He proved that it is very difficult to create a truly equal society. Orwell's admirable achievement of reflecting Stalin and Napoleon created a wonderful and commendable novel, twisted with lies and deceitfulness. ...read more.

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