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I have always felt that when stepping out into the city of London; I need to look my best.

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London I have always felt that when stepping out into the city of London; I need to look my best. I become excited at the prospect of dressing up and when I do, I feel more confident and I look forward to the smiley faces of the people of London who, of course, will all stop in the street and tell me how wonderful I look. So I take my first big step into the streets of London and I wait. I wait and I wait and I wait but no one even approaches me. People rush past me like zombies, rapped up in their own little worlds, intent on getting to one certain place at one certain time and not letting anything or any one get in their way. No one says 'hello' to me or 'good day' or even nods there head to indicate that they have noticed me. Instead the people walk through me, and under me and over me and round me. ...read more.


They ignore the constant movement of life around them and talk to that one person as if nothing matters more to them. In this way, any one who walks past them can not and must not hear what they are saying. It is their duty and our duty to ignore one another and so now you can maybe understand why this 'non-silence' in the industrial places of London is just as unbearable as the silence in the green lands of London. The landscape in London varies quite dramatically. In the centre of London, there are tall, booming, grey skylines which are constantly changing and increasing. The buildings seem almost threatening; vast monsters that are ever ready to swallow up the next money-obsessed human who walks through their open jaws. I feel almost sorry for those people who work constantly in the offices of London, gobbled up at dawn, chewed up and then spat out at dusk. The brilliant thing about London, however, is the way that it is so easy to get away from these monsters and into the quiet parks, woodlands and lakes that I mentioned before. ...read more.


At first you feel scared but as you grow more confident in the way of life there and in your surroundings, you start to feel a nervous, but excited, fluttery feeling in your stomach. Once you experience this feeling, you realise that you are in love........with London. You have learnt to stride along the streets pretending that you haven't a care in the world and you begin to discover and appreciate the small and beautiful nooks and crannies of London which are the only places in London where you can sit in a caf� or pub and listen to the people around you. It is here that you see people finally relaxing and speaking freely and you are surprised by the amount of extremely interesting people who live in London. When one finds these hidden places of London, it proves that they have finally become a true Londoner. This automatically gains you a lot of respect from outsiders. London begins to feel like the centre of the world and it seems as though, this must be the best place to be. When people ask you where you are from, you feel proud to answer: 'London' By Hannah Perlin ...read more.

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