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I have chosen to compare text 2 Backpackers hit the tourist trail with the four other texts.

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´╗┐Louis Bro-Rasmussen, Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole 1.D 2009/2010. ________________ Travel and Tourism Compare the views of tourism expressed in text 2 with those of some of the other texts: I have chosen to compare text 2 ?Backpackers hit the tourist trail? with the four other texts. Backpackers have always looked upon themselves as different from package holidaymakers. They search for places that haven?t yet been discovered and spoilt by mass tourism. (T2,l.4-6,l. 13). But, in reality, according to new research, today?s backpackers are more interested in having fun, meeting each other in well-established travellers? ghettos, avoiding the local food and living just as isolated from the locals as the package tourists (T2,l.6-9). Dr. Aziz has for two years studied the way 50.000 backpackers passed through the Egyptian beach town Dahab. She says, that ?tourist bubbles? now describes the environments in which both backpackers and package tourists like to live (T2,l.15-16). She also found, that modern backpackers still experiment with sex, drugs, rock?n?roll, rap and hip-hop and eat an identical diet of ?pizza, pancakes and milkshakes (T2,l.26-30). According to Dr. Aziz, the mass backpacker tourism is due to the proliferation of guidebooks (T2,l.31-37). ...read more.


Mark Moxon (Text 3) started impulsively to travel because he needed to escape from a future boring suburban life in Great Britain (T3,l.10). He went away to find an alternative lifestyle (T3,l.17-18). The journey made him realise the meaning of life (T3,l.22). He had an eventful travel, he was seeking something else or better and reached the goal of his desires (T3,l.22-25). Pico Iyer, text 4, says that we change the places we visit. We Westerners seek authentic Eastern villages, and after a while, the villages are neither authentic nor Eastern. We seek peace but bring agitation. No place remains peaceful and isolated if tourists come by (T4,l.1-11). We Westerners want the places to remain ?unspoiled?, however the inhabitants often long for progress and profit. The Westerners believe that money won?t bring happiness to the inhabitants. If so, will poverty? (T4,l.21-30) Simon Armitage compares in text 5 travelling with attentive observations in everyday life. He is not much of a traveller but gets the same feeling of happiness when he observes people and things around him at home. ...read more.


The title It Ain?t What You do, It?s What It Does To You says it all. Ella Fitzgerald once wrote a famous song called ?It ain?t what you do, it?s the way that you do it?. However Simon Armitage has changed the end of the title into ??, it?s what it does to you?. If you like to travel you will experience unbearably precious moments. You feel this joy inside. You don?t necessarily have to travel to experience this happiness. But the feeling is a gift for ever. Discuss who benefits from backpacker tourism Before focusing on the benefits from backpacker tourism, I admit there are many disadvantages as well. Backpackers often go by busses or trains instead of renting cars, which is god for the environment. Usually they don?t live in big hotels, which also is an environmental advantage. They spend money and bring capital to the locals. The locals make a living from the backpackers. They might not get rich from tourism but some can make an honest living from it. Perhaps some locals will learn something about us Westerners as well. We get to know each other a little bit better and hopefully therefore also understand one another. ________________ ________________ ...read more.

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