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I have chosen to compare vultures and two scavengers in a truck two beautiful people in a Mercedes

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GCSE English Anthology/Poetry Essay Question Compare how 'vultures' and one other poem from this section convey strong attitudes and feelings about how people are treated in society. I have chosen to compare 'vultures' and 'two scavengers in a truck two beautiful people in a Mercedes' The two poems both convey strong attitudes and a feeling of how people are treated by society. In vultures the poet shows the different views of the vulture, and the commandant at belson both different views of the same person where as in scavengers the poet show the difference of two totally different people and how society views different people. In vultures the poet keeps on changing the way the vultures are seen from negative 'bashed-in head' and in a positive light 'nestled close to his mate' Achebe ...read more.


In both poems the poets are showing how we are meant to be equal but how we aren't. The poet in vultures uses enjambment to convey the inequality that will carry on, and also that the attitudes of society towards different people doesn't portray the equality we are meant to have and show. This is clearly seen in the line 'of that kindred love is/ lodged the perpetuity/ of evil' the poet has structured the sentence into 3 lines, without any punctuation portraying that he evil will go on and peoples attitudes wont change. This theme of society's views is a major theme in both poems as it is also conveyed in scavengers as the poet purposefully writes about the scavengers in one verse 'one on each side' then the beautiful people in another ...read more.


In both poems the poets have an overall theme of social distance, and the views of society. This makes the mood of the poem quite thoughtful and after reading both poems the attitude of the poem makes you think about the social extent. They both do this in different ways in vultures the use of ellipses, and in scavengers the use of the oxymoron, both poems show contrast be it with vultures in the same thing, the vultures, or with scavenger in different people and classes, the scavengers and the Mercedes couple. Both poems convey strong attitudes and feelings about how people are treated in society and how the democracy doesn't work, as some people are more equal than others. ...read more.

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