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I have come to realized that college is a new world. If you want to change, you can start here because no one knows you. You can start having a new life.

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College life Behind those green gates awaits a constellation of friends with different fates, who share the same aspiration: to transform their dreams into realization. I have never imagined to be here, never expected it to be this great. I am humbled in this moment of time, breathing in this time of my life. Challenged I may be, I will endure, to reach my dream and let my parents be proud. The life I am experiencing right now wasn't what I expected it would be. I thought college was all fun and living a life, but I was proven wrong by my own personal experiences. Living a life away from your family is very heartbreaking. ...read more.


Thinking of them also makes me feel heavy guilt in my heart especially when I'm spending the money that they really worked hard on. But what can I do? Having well-off friends and lots of large extravagant malls surrounding me, it's hard to resist. It's very tempting not to study if you have it all around you. And that is why I got my first failure. The shame that I felt was unexplainable. Tears were rolling down my cheeks while explaining to my parents why it happened. And now, I am trying my very best to gain their trust again. It's my first time to live far from my parents. I am very dependent on them when I was a child. ...read more.


After that, I became more active on meeting new people. I have come to realized that college is a new world. If you want to change, you can start here because no one knows you. You can start having a new life. Being a college student isn't all bad. I became a stronger person physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Unending problems may occur but as long as you have faith, faith in God and faith in yourself, you will come pass it. And since I have experienced it, I found a solution on how to avoid these problems: know your priorities and set it! Be mature enough to know your responsibilities. Just be brave to conquer all the problems that come in way and for sure, you will win and achieve your dreams. ...read more.

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