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I have recently studied two poems that both relate to the theme of seduction but are written in two entirely different periods, "To His Coy Mistress" and "The Seduction". I will be exploring and contrasting the different methods of seduction in each poem.

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Richard leaves Poetry Assignment: I have recently studied two poems that both relate to the theme of seduction but are written in two entirely different periods, "To His Coy Mistress" and "The Seduction". I will be exploring and contrasting the different methods of seduction in each poem. Andrew Marvell wrote during period of when to lose your virginity before marriage was not looked upon lightly. His methods lead to a strong persuasive argument to convince her to sleep with him. "To His Coy Mistress" is written into sections that constantly builds up unusual imagery that he uses to express his supposed vast love for her. The first section is very moving as he uses water imagery to prove the dullness of life without the company of his mistress, "I by the tide of the Humber would complain" is compared to the exoticness of the Ganges "Thou by the Indian Ganges side". However, as he fails to seduce the girl by romantic rhymes and flattery, such as, the eternity of their love will last, "till the conversion of the Jews". The narrator shows impatience and frustration as the poem turns from having all the time in the world to plan their love and letting it grow as slow as a vegetable to, "time's winged chariot hurry near". ...read more.


"Far from the blind windows of the towers", Windows are shows to be "blind", An example of a metaphor is shows here as the windows eyes are covered from what is about to happen. From the first verse no signs of romanticism is shown that's backed up by the setting of the "Birkenhead Docks". She sees everything from different perspectives instantly and settles close to the boy immediately so close she can hear his "leather jacket creaking madly". The fact that the boy spits into the river afterward it creates a disgusting atmosphere that surrounds them. The boy shows no respect for the girl, or any concern in might what happen considering he mutters "little slag". From this the third verse steps back into time to the party where they first met, He talks all night while she, "nodded, quite enchanted". Proves she's already drunk as her "eyes were wide and bright" not caring all he talks about is Ian Rush and the next McGuigan fight. The boy leads to his wicked plans to seduce the girl by encouraging her to drink as he brings more, she doesn't refuse "so she fell in love". Her views change and the boy becomes more and more perfect to her. ...read more.


The two poems are written from different perspectives and have their own styles. A female narrator writes "The Seduction" from an outside view on the boy's methods of seduction. "To His Coy Mistress" uses a strong persuasive and passionate argument to express his vast love to convince her to have sex with him. Where as "The Seduction" methods of seduction is mainly alcohol that relaxes tension and makes it easier for the boy to seduce the girl. The major clash between the poems is the unusual water imagery that plays a huge part in both poems. Its used to build an infected atmosphere for "The Seduction", but to describe how special this girl is too him in "To His Coy Mistress". I feel that "To His Coy Mistress" is the most effective and enjoyable poem. At First it's hard to understand due to the Standard English which was used from the time. But it still captures my intention with the constant build up of tension, did he achieve what he wanted through his passionate and persuasive argument? . We won't know? . His ideas and points mean something and are being directed straight to the girl, this is why it's interesting to read to try and understand what he's trying to say. Also to decide whether he really loved her or was she just an object of lust to him? ...read more.

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