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I Liked Being Alive.

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I LIKED BEING ALIVE "Mum, what's for breakfast?" I shouted down the stairs when I was wrestling with a pair of my tight grey socks. "I'm making you a nice fry-up Ryan. Where's your Dad?" "Still in bed Mum." "Well wake him up, the lazy trout. He should have been up ages ago. You know it's our day out today don't you Ryan?" My Dad came downstairs looking like a caveman. He had his breakfast and a coffee. He was back to his usual self again and began to pack the car for our day trip out to Brighton seaside. I ran to the car. I was so excited and I could see my dog Poppy in the back. Even he looked excited with his tongue hanging out, drooling on the seats. When I sat down in the car, my Mum said in a high and anxious voice, "Have we got everything?" My Dad replied, "Well, we have buckets, spades, lilos, towels and the kitchen sink." ...read more.


I tilted my head back. Poppy was getting out quite far, so I called his name. He turned to look at me, but even when he was facing me, he was still drifting out. The sudden thought that came into my mind was that he was being pulled out by a current. The sight filled me with panic and I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. The only thing I could think of was to save my dog from drowning, so I balanced myself over the lilo and paddled as fast as I could towards him. I briefly looked back at the shore. I couldn't tell my Mum and Dad from the other people there. They all looked like dots to me. I turned back around to face Poppy. As my face turned, a wave kicked it back and I felt myself tumbling as if I was inside a washing machine. The sharp stones on the seabed ripped through my skin. It felt like I was rubbing my back on a rough brick wall. ...read more.


The sound of the rescue dinghy was like my Dad's lawnmower. We were both dragged onto the dinghy. I was so tired and my dog was too. One of the men on the dinghy asked me who I was, and if I was feeling okay. I just replied, "Ryan and Poppy. My back is stinging, and my parents are to the left of the new pier." Suddenly a burst of energy came out of the drifting dinghy and soon we reached the shore. I was so relieved and Poppy just jumped out of the dinghy and ran straight back over to my parents as if nothing had happened. I stayed in the dinghy, lying on my front. I was too tired. My parents came over and Mum was crying. She said, "I thought I was going to lose you. You're a fighter though and we knew you would make it through." As I looked up and saw my loving family, the brave lifeguards and of course, Poppy I realised in that moment how lucky I was, and I liked being alive. By Christopher Oswald ...read more.

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