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I looked over at the two Policemen my eyes glistening with tears but burning red hot from the stress,

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Know one is to be trusted James Robertson 9T "Interview started at 16:10pm, Officers present DCI Potter and Sergeant Gold" Said DCI Potter "Ok Lucy, we'd just like to ask you a few questions about today's events." I looked over at the two Policemen my eyes glistening with tears but burning red hot from the stress, I slowly nodded my head. "Can you tell us everything that happened today and the story around it in as much detail as you can." Asked Sergeant Gold. Slowly I opened my mouth but nothing came out, I tried again still the same response, it was as if I had lost my voice, and suddenly it all came flooding back and the words started pouring out my mouth. "Well all of my friends used to laugh at me, they would tease me about not having a boyfriend and it just got to the point where I couldn't stand it. I've been living an ok life up until now, I live in a big house and I'm given everything that I want, but my parents are always working and don't realise that on the inside I feel alone and cold. ...read more.


He was, he said hi, how are you, I replied not good, and explained everything that had happened. He just made everything seem so much better and reassured me that everything would be ok, I started to feel slightly better and realised that Stuart was different to every boy I had ever known, he was so much more caring and didn't care about other people's perceptions of him. Then I had a brilliant idea, well that's how it felt then. I asked if we could meet, he seemed like the perfect boy for me and I needed to see him in person. He didn't seem to sure but finally agreed, we decided to meet in my local park and he would take me into London. He seemed trustworthy and I believed that it would be a great day out. I said Good night to him and logged off the computer." "Did you ever give him any personal information like your mobile number?" asked DCI Potter. "Yes, we texted each other quite a lot but I didn't want to give him any other details until I had actually met him". I replied shakily as if I had done something wrong. "Ok can you continue with today's events" asked DCI Potter. ...read more.


I told him I wanted to go home, and turned around and started to walk faster and faster in the other direction. Suddenly he grabbed me and I started screaming, it was as if I had no limbs and couldn't fight back, he pushed me into an alleyway and then shoved me to the ground. He lay on top of me and started touching my legs. He was laughing, and I couldn't get any words out in order to scream." "It's ok take your time." Said Sergeant Gold patiently. I took a deep breath and began to continue. "He unzipped his jacket, and told me to calm down. Over his shoulder I could see a couple walking their dog; I tried to scream and somehow managed to let out a little shriek. They heard and saw me on the ground with the man on top of me. They started running towards us, the man saw them coming and jumped up and started running down the alleyway." "That's it, the next thing I new there was police everywhere, and I was taken here." I said slowly. "Thanks a lot Lucy, you've been very brave" said DCI Potter. "I now live in fear that he may come after me, to finish off what he started, I now realise I cannot trust anyone, know one is to be trusted. ...read more.

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