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I Love My life.

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16/09/03 I Love My LIFE He staggered down his wooden stairs with the small patches of carpet where you are meant to stand, but not these, these are sodden with bile vomit excrement and seamen. The Door was bashed down or almost. It was held on by one screw. It swung every now and then, remnants of from a police raid. There was still the remains of past nights ejaculations growing mouldy in the corner. The one thing that looked remotely usable was a table and that was supported by a chair due to a missing leg, the wallpaper was soggy and hanging off the wall. There was mould all over the holes and holes were showing the rotten timber that supported the apartment. Those were the holes that people that OD'd went. There must be at least 10 down there in all it was a shit house. Tom had been squatting there for the past two years now. He had no job, the only money he made was selling soft drugs which he stole. ...read more.


The world began to spin his eyes rolled back in his head and vomit shot forth from his mouth like a foul demon being expelled from his body. He reached and more flew forth. He fell over shaking and writhing and vomiting as he passed from consciousness still regurgitating any food that was in his body. He reawakens from his unconscious sleep it was a miracle he had lived. After his eyes stopped spinning he looked round. Two girls were getting off in the corner. He smiled to himself and walked over. They turned to face him and he placed his finger by the firsts right ear and slowly ran It along her face curving up towards the mouth but as he reached her mouth she struck foreword and bit down hard into his finger. He felt her teeth sinking further in, the thud as she hit his bone and he drew back falling over as he did so but he left half his finger in her mouth. The other girl's shrill laughter cried out as he collapsed on the floor. ...read more.


As he stands up another crack echoes round the room and he felt al sharp pain in the back of his head a stinging throbbing pain. He turned round just in time to see the chair leg he had dropped covered in blood swinging full into his face. Black just black all around him and then glass but nothing else and he is falling, falling back to his dads room. The zip ties on his wrists the screams of pain and joy the red sheets and his mother in the corner and he is helpless completely helpless. How did my life fuck up this bad he asks himself again and again then he screams "TAKE IT, I NO LONGER WANT YOUR LIFE GOD, kill me and banish me to eternal damnation." From the room above the man with the chair leg looks through the broken window and sees the limp body of Tom hit the floor with the head snapped back a an angel that should never be. As it did hit the floor the throat snapped open with a sickening crack open and spilled Tom's life essence all over the pavement. 99CH/I Love My LIFE.doc 1 of 5 30/04/07 ...read more.

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