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I loved my job on board the Titanic, I was so proud to be part of the crew for such an amazing boat but the pantry always gave me terrible headaches due to it being so small. I felt cramped in there, confined, and imprisoned even

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A Night To Remember It was a bitterly cold night, and the freezing air was piercing my uniform and stinging my numb flesh like darts. I nervously glanced around making sure that I could not be seen by anyone, as I was worried that I might be caught. I was not supposed to be on this deck let alone to be even seen by a passenger but I had to get out of the pantry. I loved my job on board the Titanic, I was so proud to be part of the crew for such an amazing boat but the pantry always gave me terrible headaches due to it being so small. I felt cramped in there, confined, and imprisoned even, it was a horrid feeling, and what made it even was that the pantry was below sea level. It was terrible in the little pantry there was no room to breath and the unbearable heat made it even worse. It felt like we were going to suffocate if we didn't get out. The pantry made me feel like my head was spinning and with the unbearable sounds of the side of the boat creaking with the pressure of the water on the other side. It was almost unthinkable that on the other side of that piece of metal was the water of the largest and coldest ocean in the world. As I was standing there taking in the night sky and the calm waters I could hear the sound of the huge engines powering away beneath me, shaking the deck that I was standing on. The engines seemed to roar with authority and power, like a lion after it had just captured its prey. To be honest the engines scared me, the thought of anything having that much power and force scared the living daylights out of me. I started to think about why I was on the Titanic in the first place. ...read more.


I literally ran upstairs, moving faster than I ever had, this was unbelievable I actually had the chance to go to a first class room. I was at C deck in no time at all, now I had to find Mr Stengels room, it was number 116. I made my way down the corridor, to the room, moving briskly over the antique carpet. I raised my hand to knock on the door, but just at that second there was banging from the depths of the boat, a sound that seemed unnatural and quite frankly horrifying. The whole boat seemed to shudder and creak; it was a terrifying sound, one that filled me soul with a fear of what was to come. I thought to myself that only one thing could possible do that to the Titanic and that was an iceberg. I instantly came over a cold sweat, I thought that I was just being silly but when I thought about it there was nothing else in the Atlantic Ocean that could do that to a boat. But the Titanic couldn't sink, could it? It was, after all, the unsinkable ship, the biggest, and grandest and most secure in the world. The Titanic wasn't going to sink, there were no worries, and absolutely nothing in the world could sink this ship. I placed the wine next to the door and went to run straight back down the stairs to the pantry and the boss. However I couldn't get back crew members were everywhere blocking everything, rushing off to do something. It was impossible the whole ship seemed to have ground to a halt. I noticed one of the stewards standing in the hall telling people to go to their rooms and get their life jackets as a precautionary measure. "Steward, what happened? Why are you telling the passengers to get their life jackets?" I asked with a crack in my voice. ...read more.


The back of the boat was being ripped away; the metal was scratching and creaking under the pressure. It tore apart; it was an unbelievable sight, to see the biggest ship in the world torn apart like a play thing. The front of the boat continued to sink in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean but the stern fell back into the water beneath. Floating on the surface, the remainder of the Titanic seemed like it might stay there and that we would be safe. However the stern of the ship was to follow the front, the boat once again tipped vertically towards the night sky. I was ready; this was when the fight to survive began. The boat was being sucked down into the ocean and was doing so pretty quickly. More and more of the boat was vanishing under water, and the water level was getting nearer and nearer to me. The water finally got to my level; I stood up on the railings and waited for the water. I know that the boat was going to try and suck me under so there was no point in trying to swim away. The water was rising up my body until when it got to my chest it sucked me under the surface of the water. That was when I started kicking and kicking hard at the surface, I was pulling myself with my arms. I knew that I didn't have long until my air ran out so I continued my efforts. I realised that my efforts were hopeless, I was getting nowhere except for nearer the bottom of the ocean, so I just let nature take its course and it continued to pull me down to me grave. I slowly and peacefully realised my fate and what was going to happen me, it was there floating in the dark cold water that I had my last thought, "Goodbye Mum and Dad, thanks for everything." I closed my weary eyes, breathed in the water and continued on my long journey to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. ...read more.

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