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Im going to get you back for this Jordan potter, you mark my words. she glared out of the window,

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ENVY "I'm going to get you back for this Jordan potter, you mark my words." she glared out of the window, he stood calmly smoking he just grinned back widely carelessly. Jordan a tall and gangly figure was studying law most people would say that Jordan is the coolest guy in college he always has a crowd around him. But no one knows that he is a straight 'A' student so it is impossible for him to commit such a heinous crime. Unless. Leslie came out screeching "they have been ruined! The exam papers have been ruined" everyone just stood still waiting for the principal. Jordan's face went pale as if he had just seen a ghost. There was a discussion amongst pupils they were saying who it could have been. Out of nowhere, a door slammed. There was an abrupt silence. It was the principal Miss Wright. She started screaming at the top of her voice "one of you despicable people have set fire to the exam papers! Some of you had a good chance of getting a good grade but because of the one revolting person it's gone down the drain" she went on shouting "when ...read more.


Mickey's plan was working. They took him to the police station and interrogated him, but he was as cool as a cucumber and replied to the questions calmly. The policeman gave in later and kept him in a cell. Next day he was bailed to attend court. There was a tense atmosphere in the courtroom. All eyes in the courtroom were on Jordan, but what he saw was his place in oxford slipping "Court rise" yelled by the usher not one person was sat in there seat the judge bowed down every one sat down. "What am I going to do" He thought to himself. After the summary of the fact the two barristers standing proud in their black cloaks and their wigs, called the first witness to the stand his name was Mickey Marshall. Jordan was really surprised and felt like someone had stabbed him in the back "he set the exam papers on fire he was the only person with a motive" these were the things coming out of Mickey's mouth. Paula who was Jordan's ex girlfriend also testified against Jordan and said similar thing to Mickey like "he told me he found the exam hard and ...read more.


Just before they got taken away Jordan asked them one question "why did you try to frame it on me" Mickey was the first to reply "I was jealous of you. Do you know how it feels being the second most popular guy in the school? Everyone comes running to you chanting your name" he carried on saying "Do you know how this feels? This was the only way to get rid of you" "What was your reason?" he asked turning his face to Paula. Paula who was in tears by now replied in a distorted voice "I wanted revenge on you all I ever did was love you and you dumped me I felt like killing myself" After hearing all of this, the judge commanded the police to "take them away!" Jordan gave out a huge sigh of relief but little did he know the worse was yet to come. His exam result what will he have got, now that the papers were ruined? The school and the examining board decided to mark the exam based on pre -examinations papers. Examination results day arrived the post dropped on the mat at Jordan's house. He rushed downstairs and opened the letter eagerly. "YES!" he yelled triumphantly "oxford here I come!" ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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