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I'm the King of the castle

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Title: I'm the King of the castle Author: Susan Hill Number of pages: 289 Date commenced: 9th August 2001 Date completed: 13th August 2001 I'm the King of the castle by Susan Hill is a chilling tale of a childhood bully. The story tells the tale of how a boy called Kingshaw is driven to suicide by his companion Hooper. Kingshaw and his mother moved from their rented apartment in London to Hooper's cold and evil home the Warnings so Mrs. Kingshaw could provide company for Mr. Hooper and a mother role for Hooper while her son Kingshaw could provide a companion for Hooper to make a friendly family home. ...read more.


In my opinion the story I'm the King of the castle revolves around hate, cruelty and isolation. Before Kingshaw came to Warnings Hooper and him were both happy but the parents were alone, as the parents became closer and grew to love each other Kingshaw and Hooper grew to lean their roles as Hooper was not an experienced bully and Kingshaw was not experienced at being a Victim to torment and isolation. Even though the final tragedy of the death of Kingshaw is mainly down to the torment of hopper the parent's failures contributed to the final tragedy a great deal, as many of their failures were fatal. ...read more.


I thought that many of the characters and their situations were convincing even though I thought the final tragedy was a bit extreme. I thought the book was set in the exactly the right scene, even though this book was written many years a go it still provides the everlasting chill of a childhood bullying tale and brings you to think of all the recent tragedy's caused by bulling. I would recommend this book to anybody interested in the horrors of child hood bullying and to a bully or a Victim who need to learn a lesson. I think this book is suitable for any one above the age of twelve. I would quiet like to read another of Susan hills books such as the Woman in Black as the theater production was chilling and I enjoyed her style of writing. ...read more.

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