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I made the mistake of going into a chat room one day. I had never done this

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I made the mistake of going into a chat room one day. I had never done this before and told myself that I wouldn't, but everyone I knew was and they seemed to be meeting great people. So finally out of curiosity I made the biggest mistake of my life and went into one. I met a guy name Jason. We chatted a few times but I didn't give too much information at first. After about 2 months he seemed to be harmless enough. I found out that we actually lived within 30 minutes of each other. He wanted to meet me. I wouldn't meet him at first but then finally decided that it couldn't hurt if we met in a public place. He was gorgeous. We hit it off great even though I was worried that it would be ackward after talking online for so long. ...read more.


After quite a few drinks at a bar, the men in the group suggested that we all visit a "Men's Club". All the other women agreed so I went along too. Shortly after we got there I noticed one of the dancers looked very familiar, but I couldn't figure out where I knew her from. A few moments later she noticed me, got a shocked look on her face, mumbled my name and hurried to the dressing room. I didn't see her the rest of the evening. When she said my name it sounded like Jason!!! The next evening I called Jason and told him I would be coming over for dinner. When I got there he appeared to be very uncomfortable, but I figured it was just my imagination. I told him what I had done the previous night and asked if he had a sister that was in that line of work. ...read more.


I met him at a restaurant and told him how I felt. He seemed to take it OK. But the next day I started getting calls where they hung up on me, I received dead flowers, threatening letters, and there were several times that I thought I saw someone outside my window watching me but when I looked back there would be no one there. Then one day I found my cat missing. He sometimes went out my window so I didn't think anything of it, until I found it in a plastic bag, dead on my front porch the next day. I went to the police. To this day I am still getting harrassed and the police say they can't do anything about it since we have no proof that it is him. Word of warning, no matter how tempting chat rooms are, or how nice you think that person is, remember that you don't know that person and steer clear of them. Hopefully my horror will end soon and one will never begin for you. ...read more.

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