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I never had many friends. Especially since it happened anyway. Sometimes I felt like I was trapped

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I never had many friends. Especially since it happened anyway. Sometimes I felt like I was trapped in a undersized room and someone had thrown away the key, leaving me to die; old and lonely. However, my trusty friend was always with me on depressing days like these, most days actually. Vodka. It numbed my brain so I couldn't think of Sarah; it was like my sleeping pill as it was like fire water and burned my throbbing throat as the acid rain fell from my eyes. Today was my twenty-third birthday and I know what you're thinking, I should be happy. But wait there's another important date tagged to it that I just can't seem to forget about, three years since my long term girlfriend dumped me. I curled up in my bed, knees tucked tightly up to my chest hugging my only friend who'd understand. My blood shot eyes were stinging and watery. I fell into a drunken sleep thinking of Sarah. I remembered the first time we met. We were in a bar and she was dancing like an angel on the dance floor laughing with her friends as she caught my eye. ...read more.


But our relationship was special, very special. I lay down on my tatty old sofa bed wrapping my icy blanket around my bitter body shivering whilst trying to lock in the very little amount of heat that had escaped from my body. I slowly warmed up and treasured every tiny bit of heat my body could generate. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off into a restless sleep. I used to love to dream when I was with Sarah. If I wasn't dreaming I was lying awake next to her watching her sleep thinking of how beautiful she was. Now every dream was a nightmare. The phone rang waking me up AGAIN!! I slipped out of bed not really taking much notice of the soft white snow outside covering the ground like a big white blanket. I answered it in a mono-tone voice. "Hello", I muttered "Hi, sorry to bother you again. It's me Becca, you know the girl who used to live in your flat." She explained. "Oh, Becca hi no it's no bother at all" I lied. "What seems to be the problem?" ...read more.


Looking at me she said"What has happened?" "What is on the floor? Is that who I think it is?" Too many difficult questions fired at me at once made my head pound so much I thought someone was pounding their strong foot against my temples. "I'll just make us a cup of tea you look like you have just seen a ghost" She whispered. The doorknob caught my eye there was something on that too. My hands were still behind my back and had been since she had walked through the door. I brought them up in front of my face and my eyes widened in disbelief as I saw the devils waters dripping thickly from my hands. Screams echoed my small box like flat. I turned to see Becca huffing and puffing in the doorway of my kitchen, 15 inch kitchen knife in her hand. I ran past her confused at exactly what had happened. There was Sarah lying on the floor she looked more beautiful than she ever had. Laughing I looked at Becca but suddenly stopped as my hand reached out to her to stop her from running. The knife plunged deep inside the stomach. I have never felt so much hurt and pain. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stevie Fairley ...read more.

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