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I now feel that I fully understand the form and structure of 'Blood Brothers'. It is a episodic comedy/tragedy that really shows you how tough it was to live as a working class in 'Thatcher's Britain'

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25th March 2006 GCSE Drama - Written Portfolio Paper 1 - Unit 2 The text that we have been studying in Drama is Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'. Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947. I believe that his upbringing that he had, and his social and economic circumstances greatly affected the writing of 'Blood Brothers'. He was brought up in a poor area, in a poor family that was treated by the government very badly. We hot seated Willy Russell and found out a lot about him. We found out that he was the author of 'Blood Brothers' and that his parents and how they behaved greatly influenced the play because of his working class background. We then went on to find out that he studied Literature at school and achieved an 'O' level in the subject, the only grade that he achieved in schooling. He hated 'Thatcher's Britain' because he had strong views on the working classes attempts to gain access to middle-class culture, he believed that every person should be treated the same no matter what their financial state. He believed that Margaret Thatcher helped the rich and made life difficult for the poor. ...read more.


Nearly every member in the Johnston household was happy with their poverty-ridden life because they had love and trust. In the Lyons household there was a great divide between the family and the constant arguments and father working away had pushed a barrier between them all. They felt unable to love on another, they only felt anger. As you can see, the influences that Willy Russell had and his own beliefs really have affected this play. He has made the Johnston family that of a loving, courageous family that makes each moment of their life count. Contrastively, in the Lyon household, the author has portrayed the family of that of a over paid, worthless family that has more money than sense. After exploring the text in more depth than just reading it, I feel like I now know a lot more about it and really can understand the thought process that Willy Russell went through when he was writing it. I can clearly see the evidence that made him write the play like he has, and can easily pick out the influences he put into the play from his own life. From using role reversal on the scene were the two boys meet for the first time, I have gained an extra understanding of the relationship of the boys. ...read more.


When he reveals that the gun was actually a fake 4. When he pours his heart out to Eddie about the situation of him and his wife We chose these scene because they pitch the different aspects of the final scene, they have nearly all of the feelings of Mickey in them. Love towards Eddie, hatred, the want for revenge all of them. On further development, and turning the still images into a crime report. I personally discovered that the boys deep down really cared for each other and that neither of them wanted to hurt the other. When I wrote and performed my soliloquy of Linda, I really had to focus on the Angel/Devil exercise and the feelings that she had towards each character. I decided that she would be more devastated about the loss of her husband than that of her friend. I thought that she would blame Eddie and herself for Mickey's death because if they had never gone to lunch, Mickey would never have gone over to the Lyon household with the feelings that he did. I now feel that I fully understand the form and structure of 'Blood Brothers'. It is a episodic comedy/tragedy that really shows you how tough it was to live as a working class in 'Thatcher's Britain'. ...read more.

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