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I ran for my life and did not dare to look back. Horrific thoughts flooded my mind as I sprinted through the damp forest floor,

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Creepsville I ran for my life and did not dare to look back. Horrific thoughts flooded my mind as I sprinted through the damp forest floor, chirping birds, sweaty animals and grunting reptiles filled the area. Leaves hustled as I pushed at them to get through. The humidity and heat sapping my conscious and my eyes rolled cautiously for enemies and signs of danger. I could sense them getting closer but I hoped for the best. I could picture them in my head gnawing at my flesh. They looked like a cross breed of Labrador and greyhound but unlike any usual dogs their eyes had a fearsome glow and were bloodshot red. They were angry and filled with devilish hate. Their dynamic bodies sprinting and flying like bullets behind me ready to pounce on me causing indescribable pain. I was almost there, almost free and still alive. My legs were numb and uncontrollable, my heart pounded hard and fast as if was an animal wanting to be set free. One leap and I was there I had made it! I collapsed on a patch of grass nearby, no sign of the dogs now. ...read more.


She ran straight out of the forest and was heading towards the police station just like me. I told her about my intentions on reporting the event and she agreed, so we walked together towards the police station. We walked a path between two pieces of strange land, on the left the land was sterile with no sign of life and on the right the land was filled with luscious grape vines. We were now outside the police station looking at the tall blue gates with a wooden plank hung to it which read "Creepsville police station" in engraved textures. I opened the gate, as it creaked, it sent a cold shiver down my spine. We reached the doors and entered. My eyes searched the spacious room for paranormal activity. There were three police officers feeding on hot steaming donuts accompanied with coffee. I looked at them with lust and desire as my stomach rumbled. We slowly walked towards the police men. The police men had now realized and hid the donuts under their desk. One of the three cleared his throat and questioned, "How may I help you?" ...read more.


I then came out of the room and headed toward the stairs. The staircase had a few steps missing and a few broken but eventually after a lot of effort I got upstairs, I felt exhausted. There was only one room upstairs and the entrance looked like an entrance to a dungeon. It was a hole in the wall and had dirt all over the floor. I walked in and continued to walk forward. I watched my step due to the floor being weak. I walked on and found a chest. There was something written on it with what seemed to be blood, I looked closer and noticed what was written on it. It read "do not open or else..." I was scared but I went ahead and opened it. A woman in a large red robe appeared and began to chant some words, the floor below me just broke and I ended up in the empty room I was in before. I stood up and ran towards the door that lead to the forest. I opened the door and ran out. As I started to run I stood on something, I looked back and it was the tail of some vicious dogs. I ran for my life and did not dare to look back. ...read more.

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