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'I sometimes have sick fancies...I want to see some play...' The day that Pip is summoned to Satis House 'to play' is the beginning of a chain of events which greatly affect his life. Discuss ways in which Miss Havisham directly affects Pip's life.

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'I sometimes have sick fancies...I want to see some play...' The day that Pip is summoned to Satis House 'to play' is the beginning of a chain of events which greatly affect his life. With close reference to the Satis House chapters of the novel, discuss ways in which Miss Havisham directly affects Pip's life. From Pip's first meeting with Miss Havisham she affects his life in many ways. Miss Havisham is not a the typical character you would meet in a novel she was based on a real person from the West of London who was known as a wronged bride who walked the streets of London. In her past, Miss Havisham had her heart broken on the day of her wedding and from that day on hated all the male sex. She locked herself away from the real world and lived with a young beautiful girl Estella who she taught to hate men. Miss Havisham used this against Pip and encouraged his regards for Estella, knowing he would grow to love her. Estella was cold hearted and was out to brake hearts and seek revenge on the male sex. Pip was no exception. When Pip is older Miss Havisham also gives him false impression that she was his benefactor. All these factors destroyed his life and left him unable to marry the one he loved, all because of the influence of Miss Havisham. ...read more.


She makes him believe this because she gives him money for his apprenticeship and gives him the impression that she will provide for him in the future as well. She also encourages his regards for Estella by asking him 'what do you think of her?' And asked him over and over again till she got an answer she was satisfied with, this is a hint to the reader of where this relationship between Estella and Pip might go later on in the novel. In the second stage of Pip's Great Expectations. He has grown and moved down to London to become a gentlemen. In London he met Herbert Pocket who reveals the story behind Miss Havisham. There appeared upon the scene...a certain man who made love to Miss Havisham...' 'This man pursued Miss Havisham cosely, and professed to be devoted to her...' '...she passionately loved him...she perfectly idolised him...' This shows her feeling towards the man in her life, she is happy and in love but her happiness dies as this was the man who jilted her, 'The marriage day was fixed, the wedding dresses were bought, the wedding tour was planned out... The wedding day came, but no bridegroom.' This makes the reader feel slightly sympathetic because marriage is one of the highlights in a woman's life at this time and this would leave her heartbroken, extremely upset as well as finding it emotionally difficult to go through. ...read more.


He is broken hearted.Clearly Pip is in love with her and this has had a extreme effect on him as he is so hurt. He dislikes Bentley Drummle and tries to persuade her that she shouldn't marry him 'Such a mean brute, such a stupid brute!' His feeling to Drummle are clear but not clear enough to stop Estella. As she has no heart, no feelings she doesn't care what Pip has to say. Miss Havisham then realises that she hs went to far and because of her actions she has destroyed two peoples life and has punished Pip for no reason and is once again left alone. At the end of the novel Miss Havisham tries to affect Pip's life for the good. She seems to have changed slightly since she realised she was in the wrong. She begs Pip for his forgiveness and agrees to help out the Pockets. When Miss Havisham burnt the fire was symbolic, it was like the death of her old revengeful self. Pip's hand were also symbolic, they were also burnt in the fire. Representing the damage he has suffered throughout the years of unhappiness and heartache due to Miss Havisham. In my opinion I feel Pip and Estella because of their experiences will become really close friends. Pip will still be madly in love with Estella but Miss Havisham has affected both lives a lot, this will prevent them for having a future together as any thing more than friends. ...read more.

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