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I think Eliza is similar to Cinderella because...

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Eliza - A modern Cinderella? I think Eliza is similar to Cinderella because... Eliza is in the lowest social rank there is but she is not a prostitute like many women around that area of London are, Instead Eliza sells flowers. Through her time being there, Eliza has built up quite a good reputation of being a 'good girl'. Eliza never changes her clothing, this is probably due to her being extremely poor. At night time she puts on extra layers because she can't afford heating for where she stays. ' She's no doubt as clean as she can be.' People notice she tries to look her best. ...read more.


' I want to be a lady in a flower shop stead of sellin at the corner of Tottenham Court Road. But they wont take me unless I talk a little more genteel.' Higgins accepts her offer. Eliza tries to speak posh towards Higgins, but sounds silly. She also uses slang words and pronounces her alphabet wrong. Pickering, Higgins's friend makes a bet with Higgins that he can make Eliza into a Duchess for a gathering sometime in the future. Eliza fits in with the society because she has built up a good reputation for herself. Higgins treats Eliza like a slave, but Mrs. Pearce (Higgins maid) takes good care of Eliza and makes sure Higgins isn't to mean towards her. ...read more.


Treats her like a servant, but he does provide a roof over her head and food on the table. Which would be pretty luxury for Eliza considering her background. Eliza tries to stand up for herself and normally gets the support of Mrs. Pearce and sometimes Pickering's. All of these points back up my opinion of Eliza being similar to Cinderella. Like Eliza Cinderella was of a low social rank, Didn't have many clothes, washed very rarely and worked hard for what she earned. Cinderella turned to her 'Fairy Godmother' For advice and so she could marry a prince and go the ball like her step-sisters, this is like Eliza asking Higgins to make her talk like a Duchess. In conclusion I feel that there is a similarity between the two. ...read more.

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