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I think that the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are mainly their parents and their own fault

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Romeo and Juliet Introduction The play Romeo and Juliet is set in an Italian city called Verona. In the city of Verona there are two families the Montague's and the Capulets. Both families have been feuding for many generations. We can gather this from the prologue where it says "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny". In the play Romeo is the only child of the Montagues and at the beginning of the play is in love with a girl called Rosaline and because of this his cousin Benvolio and Mercutio who is his best friend constantly tease him we see this in. A nurse has looked after Juliet who is the only daughter of the Capulets since she was born. The nurse in actual fact is more a mother to Juliet than her own mother is. I think this is because her family is better off than Romeo's and was the tradition to have a nanny-mother look after your child, seeing as the upper class had less time to deal with their children than others. Body The play begins in a public place in Verona where fighting begins between Tybalt (who is Juliet's cousin) Benvolio and Mercutio. ...read more.


This means Romeo should forget his parent's last name and be with her and that if he says he loves her she will marry him and give up the name Capulet. Then they begin to talk and Juliet says to Romeo that she hates her name and he also hates his. They agrees to get married The next morning Romeo goes and sees Friar Lawrence and tells him he is in love. He also talks a lot about how the girl is the daughter of the Capulets. The friar then grows impatient and asks Romeo in his own words to say to him what he really came to say. He tells the friar he wishes to marry Juliet. The Friar scolds him and says that Romeo falls in and out of love too quickly. But Romeo tells him that the love he has for Juliet is different that the love he had for Rosaline because Juliet loves him back. The Friar agrees to marry them because he believes it may help to mend the rift between the two families. I think that the friar was wrong for this, instead he should have told the two they must consult their parents before they marry. ...read more.


Then one of the watchmen sends for the Montagues and the Capulets and the Prince of Verona. When the prince arrives he says to the Montagues and the Capulets that their hatred caused their children's deaths. Conclusion I think that the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are mainly their parents and their own fault. The reason I think it is their fault is because they both did things they could have changed which would still have kept them alive. If Romeo didn't get banished for fighting and killing Tybalt then when Juliet's parents were arranging for her to marry Paris it would have easier for he to tell them she loved Romeo. If she told them she loved Romeo after he was banished it would have made him seem like a bad person. Also if he wasn't banished at that time no letter would have to be sent to inform him of Friar Lawrence's plan so he would have already known that Juliet was staging her death. Its Juliet's fault because had she stood up for their love and told her parents about Romeo then she would have just dealt the consequences and wouldn't have to stage her death. It is their parent's fault for being so ignorant and carrying on the old feud between them. If there was no feud then if anything their love would have been welcome not scolded. Jerome Campbell English Mr Lewis ...read more.

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