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I used to wake in the morning to the soothing sounds of my parents&#146 affection for me

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Creative Writing I used to wake in the morning to the soothing sounds of my parent's affections for me. It was pleasantly necessary for me to survive. I was untainted, null, nothing could fatigue me. My mind was blossoming, sheltered under my parents outstretched branches of love. The fresh breeze of air gave security, a spotless fresh air. The complex forest speech grew in the fruitful soil of my mind. I was thriving in this new world, many secrets being unlocked like animals coming out of hibernation. Monochrome images were decoded into marvellous parti-coloured dreams. For this early period I was the only vent for my parent's affection, then the coming of my kindred sibling shattered this tranquil peace. ...read more.


My love for her grew hotter; sweltering and boiling away hate and anger. The sun merged with the sky sending messengers of freedom into my life. Like animals grazing we were carefree on the grasslands of our innocence. Those were the good times, the free times. I was a bird flying free upon the winds of life. As I grew so did my expectations of love; but under the radiant sun the care and attention I had previously come to thrive on withered. It was like an autumn leaf shrivelling and falling away. From luscious green, slowly changing to a dark crumpled brown. ...read more.


Without realising, snow had started to fall upon my life; covering it in a thin white blanket. Seventy long years of spring, summer, autumn and now the final chapter, the last nail in my coffin. I could smell Death at my door, waiting for the final grain of sand to fall away. The last essence of what had become was soon about to leave me. Now as I sit with my cup in one hand and my life in the other, I wonder what I could have done better. The time is coming near now, soon I will be gone. No one will notice an old tree being felled but they must realise that the whole sequences of events has made me who I am, who I was and who I will become. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE ENGLISH Taylan Comert 10T4 ...read more.

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