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I've had many memories during my lifetime, many good, and some bad

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I've had many memories during my lifetime, many good, and some bad. My very first memory takes me back to my very first house, a substantial s0mie- detached house situated in the heart of Hartford. I was probably about six years old and so was my sixth Christmas. I have a vivid memory of waking up very early in the morning, staggering into my parents' bedroom and literally dragging them out of their bed. I then progressed onto forcing them to follow me down the stairs, and as I reached the bottom, I just stood there, gazing at the extravagant tree, mesmerised by its beauty. As I stood there, gazing at the excessive tree, it suddenly struck me, it was Christmas! What was I staring at a tree for? I had presents to unwrap! I ran over to the tree and began to tear open the presents, engulfed by the many different colours of attractive wrapping paper. When I had finally finished demolishing the paper off the presents, I had a huge pile of toys, lego, power rangers, action men, you name it, and it was under that tree. Just before I headed into the kitchen to help myself to a drink, I noticed a huge figure lurking behind the curtain of the dining room. ...read more.


One day, my Aunty Marge told me if I could not stop him from crowing at dawn, she would slaughter him. Then, I told him not to do it any more. It was so unbelievable; he seemed to understand what I said. He never crowed again at dawn after that day, but he came to my window and kicked the glass to wake me up every morning instead. One day, I played in the farm and got dirt all over my clothes. My Aunty was so angry that she began to shout at me and as she did this, my rooster rushed to her and pecked her. Then my Aunty was hurt and her leg was bleeding. Possibly, it was one of the reasons that my Aunty Marge wanted to kill him. Even so, I tried to persuade my Aunty not to kill him or hoped she would relent. I even told her if she still wanted to kill him, I would leave her house and never come back. Unfortunately, she didn't take it seriously and so her response was, "Oh...ok...Go ahead! Bye-Bye!" One night, I decided to do something to show my volition. That morning, I woke up early and after saying good morning to my Aunty I went out with my rooster furtively without my Aunty noticing. I left my house rashly and didn't take any food. I felt hungry all day long. ...read more.


While I was climbing on a tough and narrow way, I could not think about anything except my goal - that I would become a better climber than my father. I could smell and feel my sweat. It was a little warm and slippery. Frankly it smelled not bad. We took a short break before we climbed on the top of the mountain. At that time the fresh and sweet wind made me feel so cool. Suddenly I started weeping. I did not know why I wept for a while. I did not want to show my tears to my father. After I wiped my tears, I said to my father, "Father! Hurry up! I want to see the top." After two hours passed, I was able to get to the top of the mountain finally. My clothes were totally wet but this did not matter to me. I felt so proud of myself and I thanked my father for helping and encouraging me. On the top of the mountain I could see the huge sun going down in the west. It looked like a prize given from God. The colour of the sun looked like a big fireball. At that time I did not know what he said to me exactly, but now I realized why he said something meaningful. He taught me the way to get over my problems in the future and helped me develop my self-confidence. ...read more.

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