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"I Want My Name" how far does pride dictate the events of the play.

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"I Want My Name" How Far Does Pride Dictate The Events Of The Play The play is set around an Italian- American family living in Red Hook, "the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge." The main scenes are set in the living and dining rooms of the Carbone's residence. But the street is also used in a few scenes especially towards the end of the play. In this play pride is a huge factor in dictating its events. This is the main reason why Eddie Carbone takes in his wife, Beatrice's cousins from Sicily, to make himself seem hard-working family man who is risking helping his family, Marco and Rodolfo. As we read through the play it becomes apparent that there are some serious problems between Eddie and Beatrice. But again Eddie's bullish pride stops them from talking about their problems and sorting them out. It is as if Eddie is shy about this issue, or maybe there is another agenda where he doesn't want to work out their problems. ...read more.


That is the reason why Eddie has put her through school and has sent her for extra lessons with a stenographer so that she can get a better job and escape the slums around her. But then one day when Catherine comes home and tells him excitedly that she has found a job, he tries to find different reasons of why she shouldn't go to work. He tells her that she should finish school but she counters that argument with that she has nothing left to learn, and all he has to say to that is, "That ain't what I wanted," as if he had some sort of over all plan for Catherine's life for her. This is the first indication to us that Catherine wants to move away from Eddie. Later on in the play it becomes even further apparent that there is tension between Eddie and Catherine, and find out that Eddie actually has feelings towards Catherine and doesn't want hr to leave him. When Eddie discovers that Catherine is having a relationship with Rodolfo he becomes almost infuriated and does everything in his power to try and split them up. ...read more.


As we near the ending of the play, as it reaches the climax, the characters have all realised what Eddie has done. Yet he still continues to ridicule Marco and Rodolfo. When, in the final act, after Eddie's relatives don't want to have anything to do with him, and he is described as a, "broken-man," he is still too proud to realise the huge mistakes that he has done and the injustices he has brought against others. We also have an inkling that there is only one possible outcome to this whole mass of unfortunate events and that Eddie will die a public and messy death. This is because as a reader we can see how both Marco and Eddie are both too proud to back down or, "settle for half," and they both continue to challenge each other, and Eddie announces, "I want my name Marco!" which is the main point of the play which is about pride, male prowess and social standing in the community around them. ...read more.

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