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I was a state, tears ran down my face like a cold tap being left on in an empty house for days

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A Distinct sign I was a state, tears ran down my face like a cold tap being left on in an empty house for days. My heart was burnt from the worst heart burn I've ever had. I was totally speechless, like a bird trapped in a cage, and all there was left of him to see was the ash. It tore me apart knowing that my Grandad's gone and it hurt even more knowing that Im never going to see that smile he used to give, it was a horrible feeling. The cremation was the worst, just knowing behind those curtains was my Grandad being burnt to ashes; it was like being stabbed with a big knife and it just being pushed into my heart deeper and deeper by the second. At the cremation I remember the speech the priest gave and he said something I remember very clearly and this was "Just because you can't see a person it doesn't ...read more.


The next day things started happening, it all started when I heard a loud scream when I was getting ready in the bathroom. I ran out as quickly as possible to see if Vicki was O.K. buts she was lying on the floor holding her head and she was in pain. I comforted her as much as possible, and she explained that she fainted and smacked her head on the cup. Vicki had a huge bump on her head, so I ran to the kitchen to get some ice, I tried to open the door but couldn't. It was jammed. There's no way the kitchen door could have been locked because it has no lock. It opened about half an inch but was jammed on something. This made me curious and I had no choice but to kick in the door, I placed my back on the wall opposite the door, and then put my feet on the jammed door and pushed down on my legs. ...read more.


We were all packed and ready to leave and I made sure the lights were off, I even double checked. This is what proved it for me. We walked down the 3 flights of stairs in the dark with just a phone light. At the bottom of the stairs, next to the exit door, I looked up and noticed a light was on, I knew myself I turned it off and was terrified about going back and turning off again. Instead I just kept calm and walked out. Vicki didn't have a clue about a thing. I did feel bad about hurting Vicki's head, because I do think it was my fault for doing the quija board. But now we have moved back home and I've learnt for myself and believe that all of us will wear out one day, but what's us inside will always remain. Because inside of me I can still hear what my Grandad would say and how he would think. ...read more.

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