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I was terrified and disgusted at the site of my dismembered family. "Eeeeek!"

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Depression at Its Worst Its amazing how one simple break up with a boy took her to hell. She used to be so happy, so cheerful, and so full of life and energy. Then, she turned to drugs, alcohol, shut out her family and friends, left them to watch her as she suffered. It was a crazy time for her; I still remember her first cut. She was all alone, drunk. She needed some way to express her self. And she found out that she was still in love with her first boyfriend, her first love. He found pleasure in making her feel like nothing a slut. So when that cold blade first touched her skin she felt a sigh of relief in her life. For that one minute everything was okay. She sat there for a while watching the blood go down her arm. Her once beautiful arm was now a mess, just like her life, she kept going. Soon enough she found her self cutting herself almost everyday. ...read more.


It was covering up the once lovable teen she was. That monster died with her that cold night and that monster won't be missed. But she will be. We will always remember her for the great, fun, happy girl she once was. She was a loving person, friend, cousin and that's who she will be remembered as. R.I.P Terror on Halloween Night I saw the bloody machete by the tombstone and that's when I knew. Dad had finally lost it. I can't forget the sight I saw, when I walked up to what was left of the house, flames shooting out through the windows and devouring the wooden frame. In the living room I could see the monstrous form of my brother's bodies strewn upon the floor. They could hardly be recognised as they had been gruesomely decapitated and disemboweled. As I turned to run from this unnatural sight, I felt a crunch under my foot. It was my mother's arm! Her fingerprints had been burned off. "What could have possessed him to do such an awful thing?" I thought to myself in horror. ...read more.


I ran to the front gates and to my horror, saw goblins tearing at a body hanging upon the huge iron gates. The body was dad, there were maggots crawling from his empty eye sockets, and snakes seemed to find his body more than inviting. His spirit seemed to lurk in the haunted night beneath this full moon. Everything was unbelievable; I thought this must surely be a dream. I couldn't think. Everything began spinning, as I was smashed in the back of the head with a stone. When I awoke, I found I was being dragged by my ankles into a dark room. "If it was not Dad, then who could it be?" I thought desperately to myself. Finally, I got a glimpse of my captors. They were dressed in rags, their skin oozed puss, and their eyes were cold and dead. Zombies. As my fate became more apparent to me, I realised that I would die here. The thought hadn't finished running through my mind when I was lifted and dropped swiftly into a box. A coffin..."bang bang bang..." sounded the nails as my fate was sealed. ...read more.

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