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I Was There

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I Was There One busy Thursday afternoon, I was driving down to the airport to pick up my husband who was coming back from a business trip in Florida. I was really looking forward to seeing him as I hadn't seen him for three weeks. Things had seemed really quiet without him, as if there was more than him missing. When he left, so did all the energy and the noise in the house. Plus, it was a lot more difficult to look after the kids without him there. This was why I was itching with excitement to see him. With a smile spreading across my face I started to head towards the fourth terminal. Minutes later I was aware of the loud screaming engine noise of a plane flying above. I am used to the planes flying overhead, usually quite low, but there was something about the screaming deafening noise that did not seem right. I pulled over and got out just as the plane skimmed the roofs of peoples houses. My whole head was spinning and I could hear my heart thumping. ...read more.


"Somebody has called for an ambulance so they should be on their way. Could you please tell us your name?" "It's Catherine Jones, look you don't understand, I think my husband was on that plane!" "Have you tried to call him?" The thought hit me, and I quickly grabbed someone's phone. I frantically punched in his number, pressed the phone to my ear and waited. I waited for what seemed like hours, but breathed a sigh of relief when I heard a voice. The feeling of relief didn't last long when I suddenly realised that it was a lady's voice, not my husband's, telling me that his phone was switched off. Nearby, I could hear a loud, rasping sound. Something was tickling my cheek. I raised my hand to my face and looked down. My hand was covered in tears. I realised that the sound was emanating from the back of my throat. It was me! I was crying in desperation. If his phone was switched off that means that he might have been killed in the plane crash. I couldn't help thinking the worst. ...read more.


My heart felt warm again. "I'm fine. I'm just at baggage reclaim. I'll meet you at the arrivals gate in five minutes." I was already up on my feet making my way as fast as I could towards the arrivals gate, still with my phone to my ear. "Okay, I'll see you there. I love you." "Love you too," and then the phone line went dead. Minutes later I was standing at the arrivals gate amongst the crowd of people waiting for loved ones. I was on the verge of tears but I tried to hold them back. Another group of tired looking travellers walked through the gate. I searched for his face but to no avail. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of him looking as tired as all the rest of the travellers. I felt the tears break free and start to roll down my cheeks. This time I was crying with joy and relief. I pushed my way through the streams of people, to something I couldn't wait to put my arms around him and not ever let him go. In days, weeks or months to come I would still remember this day and that I was there when the plane crashed. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English coursework: Imaginative writing Alice Swetenham ...read more.

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