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I went through so many comments like that every day. Everyone thought that if they were put next to me they would catch my 'outcast disease'.

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Monologue of Spider (Close up of Spider sitting on a patch of grass) "Eeeeeeeeeew, yuk, I don't want to sit next to HIM, Miss, that's so unfair!" I went through so many comments like that every day. Everyone thought that if they were put next to me they would catch my 'outcast disease'. I've never had a proper friend. You know, one who would give you their last Rolo, or spend hours trying to explain the homework to you, even if you didn't get it by the end. All the years through infant school, then primary school and then secondary school were hell. My school grades were always bad. The teachers would say that I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to do the work, when really that couldn't have been more wrong. I tried so hard, I really did, but my mind just couldn't concentrate. The words got muddled up on the page and letters switched around. All of this made it practically impossible for me to read and write. However I was thought of as idle and sluggish, because my speaking was almost immaculate. (Spider walking up a path) My bad grades were just another reason to spark off an argument between my parents. They used to love each other. It was fine when I was very small, I had no worries in the world and a loving mother and father. ...read more.


I gazed upon them in awe, not completely sure what to do or think. My brain told me to run away, I had heard that natives do not take kindly to intruders, but my heart told me to stay a little longer and watch this fascinating ritual. Then, all of a sudden, a big chief native bellowed out something in African, which made everything come to a halt. The dancing stopped, the chanting stopped and the booming of the drum halted. I started to become very nervous and was just about to leave, when all of the natives started charging towards me! My heart jumped into my throat, as I stood there dumbfounded. I tried to run but my feet wouldn't move an inch, they were getting closer and closer to me. Finally I started to run but it was too late. I felt my arms being twisted back as they grabbed hold of me. I struggled to get away but they were too strong. Then I felt a blow to the back of my head and that was the last thing I remembered. I woke up later that night with a thumping headache. It was dark and cold. I looked around me, then as my eyes adjusted to the light, I vaguely made out the hard walls beside me with one small hole looking out to the starry sky. ...read more.


All of the tribe bowed down, as who I assumed to be the chief came out of one of the biggest little huts. He was wearing a beautifully ornate head-dress, accompanied by long, beige, cotton robes with tassels coming off. He walked solemnly up to me and stared at me straight in the eye. The whole tribe was silent now and even the drum had ceased it's beating. "Man, you trespassed onto our land. Punishment for trespassing, is death!" he said, almost shouting at the end. Everyone gasped and started their whispering again. I just stood there trembling. "But!" he carried on "you have shown great kindness and selflessness in helping little sacred saskarpelli bird. Therefore your punishment has been lifted. You will no longer die" I sighed a huge sigh of relief and my heart returned to it's normal pace. "And," he started again, "As a show of our gratitude, I would like to make you an honorary member of our tribe", he smiled and the crowd started shouting and cheering. Before I knew it I was being dressed up and having war paint painted on my face. I spent the whole day with them, chanting and dancing, like I had seen them do the night before. It was truly the most amazing, strange and scary forty-eight hours of my life! The next day I bid my farewells and carried on my journey. I had a full stomach and plenty more food to keep me going on my way until my next adventure . . . ...read more.

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