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I will be directing a scene from Act 3, of the play 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller.

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The Crucible - Arthur Miller Hello, my name is ...................................., and today I will be directing a scene from Act 3, of the play 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller. Act 3 is probably the most interesting and important acts of the play, and I'm looking forward to writing it in the way I perceive it. The scene I've chosen is from when the girls enter the court room, to when Proctor says he beleives Abigail a murderer. I feel this scene is full of tension, and many different twists which will make it fun to plan and direct. The scene starts with Cheever entering the court with Sussanna Walcott, Mercy Lewis, Betty Parris and Abigail Williams. They are wearing dark grey dresses, slightly worn, with white aprons and hats. This is to show how Puritan ways were, as they beleived in wearing dull colurs to show their loyalty to God, and to show that they will not 'party' as they did not like anything 'out of the ordinary' and didn't even celebrate Christmas. The girls look solemn, and look very much like 'children'. They will walk in with slight puzzlement on their faces to show they do not know why they have been summoned, but Abigails face will twitch slightly when she sees Proctor. Abigail loves Proctor, and wonders why he is here. She had once said to him 'John - I am waitin' for you every night' meaning she desires him, and wishes him no harm. ...read more.


Then slowly she looks down to look at Mary Warren, and with a stern voice and narrow eyes, making her look evil, with a shadow casting over her she says, 'she lies.' This short sentence really emphasises her true self and that she is willing to lie to the most important people to save herself. Also, as its a short sentence, we see that its directed at Mary Warren, even though shes talknig to Danforth. Once this is said, Danforth turns to Mary and says in a questioning, almost exasperated way, but not a harsh way 'you will still go on with this?' Mary Warren had been staring at Abigail, but when she heard Danforths voice it jerked her back to life. She looks up at Proctor, who looks down at her and nods reassuringly. 'Aye sir' she says 'faintly', in a croaky voice so that you know she's been crying. Here there is a pause. Everyone is looking at both Mary Warren and Abigail. They're worried. They don't know whats going to happen and now can't tell who is innocent. Danforth looks tired, and stands a momment considering the evidence. Then, 'turning to Abigail' he asks her about a poppet found in Proctors house and told how 'Mary Warren claims' that she made it herself, and how Abigail 'witnessed how she herself stuck her needle into it for safe keeping.' ...read more.


When Proctor mentions Mary Warrens name, she jerks awake, after being in a sort of stupor, hypnotised by Abigails stares, and whimpers and sobs once more. Then Danforth steps forward, and slowly walks towards Proctor. All eyes are on them. Tension rises, as there is silence in the court room. No one knows what's going to happen next. Then Danforth says in a low, stern voice as he is about to ask him something that has obviously been playing on his mind for some time, and wants to know the truth, 'you are charging Abigail Williams with a marvellous cool plot to murder, do you understand that?' This is at the very peak of tension. Even Abigail is worried, and faces Proctor, with questioning eyes, wondering what he shall say. There is a pause and Proctor looks into his eyes, and says loudly so the whole court can hesr 'I do, sir.' Then hesteps to the side so that he is directly in fornt of Abigail. The rook darkedns and there is noly light on Proctor and Abigail, to show the evilness of plots, but also that they were once very close. 'I beleive she mans murder,' he says, in a low voice, showing his true feelings. Here we come to the end of the scene. As you can see, this scene is full of tense parts, and I've written it of how I imagine it to look like. I've tried to show all the characters movements, but mainly concentrated on Proctor, Mary Warren and Danforth. I hope you enjoyed it. ...read more.

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