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I will show how the author Charles Dickens enables the reader to contribute Pips feelings and his opinions.

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Great Expectations My assignment will glance at Charles Dickens 13th and one of his supreme novels 'Great Expectations' which was published in 1860. I will show how the author Charles Dickens enables the reader to contribute Pip's feelings and his opinions. The author of Great Expectations Charles Dickens was born on 7th of February 1812 next to Portsmouth. He was born in a very pitiable family that is why he wrote about a deprived boy (Pip) in Great Expectations. Charles Dickens father moved numerous times for fine jobs but he came back into London. Charles Dickens father worked in an office as a clerk. Charles Dickens went to school for 12 years, but for the reason that of his father's poor job he had to leave the school and work in a boot polish factory, so he could bring in some money. When Charles Dickens reached the age of 15, he went back into school to complete his education. Before he completed his education, he went to prison for a short term. The life in the prison was very bad and he used this experience to write about Magwitch and Jaggers in Great Expectations. Charles Dickens was not pleased about his young life. He was very emotional and sorrowful. His stories are very superior and emotional. Most of his stories have the character of children, unhappy, like Pip in Great Expectations. ...read more.


Said Estella with disdain. And what thick boots!' We are sympathetic towards him because he is only a little boy and Estella is brought up to impair male that is why she is picking on him. When Pip goes to Satis House to play, after playing he was given meat and bread in a very bad manner, which really hurt Pip 'Gave me food without looking at me as I was dog.' We are very sympathetic towards him because he is only a little boy and Estella in Satis House treats him like an animal. Joe Gargery plays a very important part in Great Expectations. Through Joe we see how Pip changes from a young innocent teenager to a selfish adult. Joe is a straightforward truthful black smith who has married Pip's sister. He loves and cares about Pip as a father: we know this as he uses phrases 'ever the best of friends' and 'dear old chap'. Joe Gargery is uneducated and therefore cannot read or write properly. Pip loves Joe at the beginning but as things change around him, he begins to change. At the beginning Pip loves being around with Joe 'Joe imported confidence to me'. When Pip visits Satis House he is called by names and told he is common, and when he returns to his own house he lies to his sister and to Mr Pumblechok but he can't bear to lie to Joe 'Towards Joe I considered my self a little monster'. ...read more.


This looks very funny as Pip looks back but it also is sympathetic as Pip is being treated and he was frightened. When Pip meets Herbet Pocket in Satis House he calls Pip for a fight and Pip accepts the call. It is very funny because Herbet Pocket is a posh boy and he also knows the rules and regulations of the fight and he also knows how to start a fight. Herbet Pocket starts warming up and tells Pip the rules and regulations of the fight where as Pip just wants to get on with the fight like a common boy. Pip beats Herbet and gives a black eye and bloody nose even though he doesn't know the rules of the fight. Pip still feels sorry for him 'I felt but a gloomy satisfaction in my victory'. This sentence shows that Pip is not a kind of person who feels proud in hitting people. In the novel Great Expectations we feel sorry for Pip and we are sympathetic towards him. Charles Dickens had been very successful in making Pip a character we like, love and feel sorry for. Dickens is also very successful in making Joe a character we like all through the novel because he is an uneducated, poor black smith with a clean heart and doesn't hurt anybody and loves Pip. We feel sorry for Pip and we are sympathetic towards him in many occasions. This is due to writing this novel in 1st person because we see things from Pip's perspective. ...read more.

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