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I will support the aspects with examples from well-known Gothic related films such as 'Dracula', 'Vincent', 'Nosferatu', 'Frankenstein' and 'Sleepy Hollow'.

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In this essay I will discuss the generic features of the Gothic Tradition. I will describe all of the aspects of the tradition and I will support the aspects with examples from well-known Gothic related films such as 'Dracula', 'Vincent', 'Nosferatu', 'Frankenstein' and 'Sleepy Hollow'. There are many common features in the Gothic Tradition; one of those features involves the use of a sense of atmosphere. In most Gothic films the weather usually is terrible. The weather tends to consist of either a storm or some is lightning. Also the atmosphere would be very dramatic. There wouldn't be very much daylight, so it would be dark. A full moon would be out as an extra to give a bigger feel for the atmosphere. ...read more.


A good example that perceives a good setting is the film Sleepy Hollow. The scene was set in an isolated forest. There was the mystical tree, which separated the 2 worlds. Also another good example o f a good scene was well distinguished in the film 'Frankenstein.' This is because 'Frankenstein' has a good scene set in an old castle, which was isolated. There were also some secret passages. 'Dracula' also was set in a castle, which was old, enclosed and huge in size. Emotions are another generic aspect of the Gothic Tradition. This emotion could be fear, frustration, panic and trepidation. A great example of this feature is shown in the film 'Vincent.' 'Vincent' the character himself was lonely because he had grief for his dead wife. ...read more.


The white horse was the purity and the headless horseman was the impurity. Another good example was set in the film 'Dracula.' There was the vampire who was the villain and the boy who was the hero. There was a supernatural element in that film. The final generic feature in a Gothic film would include a theme. The themes commonly would be about good versus evil, death versus life, heaven versus hell, love versus hatred or finally despair versus hope. An example of this feature is well portrayed in the film 'Dracula.' There is the evil that is 'Dracula' and the good that is the boy. Also in 'Sleepy Hollow' it was good versus evil and death versus life. In 'Frankenstein' there was despair and hope to whether the creation would live or not. Finally in 'Vincent', there was the love for his wife and the hatred caused by her death. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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