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I woke up early that morning to get to work on time.

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Mike Whelan 11F Original Writing Coursework 9/11 I woke up early that morning to get to work on time. As I was doing up my tie in front of the mirror I started to think about the day ahead, asking myself if it would be any different to the usual routines, not knowing that I was to be an eyewitness of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre that would cause a war on terrorism. As I drove to work the smells of cafes and fast food restaurants cooking food and making coffee was very tempting, so after a while of being stuck in traffic I pulled over at Starbucks to grab a coffee. I returned to my Dodge truck to drive a few blocks down to the south tower of the World Trade Centre. When I finally arrived at work, I parked my truck in my usual place next to the elevator. I stepped out to come across some of my colleagues, one of them my best friend. As we joined the other guys in the elevator to the floors where all our offices were, Tony told me that his fianc´┐Że Lucy was going to have a baby. I was so happy for him because he had once said to me that he would love to have kids. ...read more.


You knew that the building had hit the ground when a huge crashing sound happened. Instinctively I closed my eyes to this sound and braced myself. When I opened my eyes there a white powder blowing past like a nuclear winter had happened. Suddenly the second tower began to come thundering down to the ground, it came down with a colossal bang. There was a panic about and people were sprinting as fast as they could to remove themselves from the murky streets where the white powder was lingering. The lights from shops and houses were gone, the streets were dark and only blurry light off cars and from further down the endless drag of streets could be seen. I reached into my pocket to get my phone out so I could get in touch with my wife. But I had no signal. This is when I started to think about people and my colleagues higher up in the tower, thinking if they got out and could I have helped them. I also tried to ring Tony but my phone still had no signal. I wanted to get back to Tony and the other people to see if I could help just someone. But the police were escorting people away from the area and telling others to get away. ...read more.


His wife greeted him with a huge hug and kiss, as though he had been away from home for years. This was like how I and Rachel hugged and kissed when we saw each other after the ordeal of not knowing if I was coming home. Lucy was so relieved to have him back safe and sound. Lucy even thanked and hugged me for retrieving Tony from Manhattan and also for me actually been there and alive. I said my goodbyes to Tony and Lucy, as I sat in Rachel's car I gazed straight ahead in a trace reflecting on the day that had happened. On the Outside I was trying to been happy and carry on with life a best as I could, whereas Inside I was so relieved and grateful that I was fortunate not to be killed or trapped and that I could see my wife and children again. While driving home I thought of the terrified people I had seen, were they dead now? Are they able to see there children and wife again like me and Tony? The survivors of this terror attack are so lucky and fortunate, we can carry on and look to the future. The families of the dead have to live life without a family member, they do not know whether their husbands, wives, or children will be returning home after this...how can they live their lives now I queried myself? ?? ?? ?? ?? Mike Whelan 11F ...read more.

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