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I woke up with the worst headache ever. I could hardly move but I managed to sit up with difficulty.

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I woke up with the worst headache ever. I could hardly move but I managed to sit up with difficulty. I was in forest. I looked around to see if I could recognise where I was, but I didn't. Then it hit me. Who I was and what I was doing there? How did I get there? Where am I from? What's my name? I didn't know. My heart was thumping and I started screaming but I realised no one could hear me. I saw that a few trees had been burnt, recently burnt. I touched something, something liquid but it was too thick to be water. I went closer to it wondering what it could be I discovered it was blood. There was blood around me but I wasn't bleeding. I didn't get it. As I was trying to get up my leg hit something too heavy to be pushed away. I was on my feet wondering what it was I'd hit. She had dark eyes, black hair, she was beautiful, stunning but had been stabbed in the stomach. ...read more.


I watched them vanish at the end of the corridor. A lady came to me to go and get my face cleaned up. There was a massive cut around my temple. A very deep one too, so I had been after all. It was really starting to hurt now. I was so shocked and scared before that I couldn't feel the pain. She asked me who she was, but I told her I had no idea. Then all of a sudden there was blankness. I woke up and to no surprise I found myself on a hospital bed. "Well good morning Mr. Epps," a lady's voice said to me. I turned to my left and there was a nurse standing beside me. She was injecting me with something. "This will make you feel better," she said as she was writing down something on a piece of paper. I didn't bother asking what it was as I could feel it working already. I didn't feel as weak anymore. "How long have I been here?" expecting her to say at least three hours. ...read more.


Living with Kyla was great. She took me to see all my friends and family and helped me with all the things I needed to know and do. I proposed to her and she said yes. After about a year, I was gaining my life back, getting re-adapted to the worlds and living with Kyla. I realised that my life was worth living. I had a great family and a wonderful fianc´┐Że. I really did love her. How couldn't I? She was just perfect for me. She was beautiful, intelligent and never did anything wrong or anything to hurt me. She was the reason I lived. During that year Kyla let out the secret, our secret that nobody could know. We are different from everybody else. Kyla had the ability to control the mind and objects, which was weird but really cool. But as for me I just love fire I am a pyromaniac. It was real cool how I could make fire by looking at things. She told me what happened that night. The night in the forest, a night I could never forget. She has a brother named Camen. His power was to actually get into the anyone's body including animals. He didn't " Erm excuse me, I'm Aaron." "And..." " I'm Kyla's brother" ...read more.

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