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Iago's character.

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Shakespeare wrote about heroic people such as Generals. Instead of some fatal chance, Shakespeare's characters have an inner weakness or moral flaw, something, which makes their personality incomplete. It is this, which eventually leads to their downfall, and it is this, which causes the tragedy. After looking back at Greek tragedies, Shakespeare has written the play, Othello named after one of the main characters in which great kings or warriors that seemed invisible suffered at the hands of fate. It's set in Venice (Italy) because in Shakespeare's days, it was a very rich and busy city. It was part of the spice route. It is a good setting because Iago is money grabbing modern man. The Moroccan, Othello who just got married to Brabantio's daughter, Desdemona at the beginning of the play speaks grandly and poetically with romantic images of his wife. My essay is based on the most interesting villain of the play. Iago is named after the patron saint of Spain, England's great enemy at the time this play was written. He is an important character in the play who is very different from the rest of the characters. Iago's characteristics enable him to dominate and control the action manipulating the rest of the characters as a stage manager. ...read more.


Iago is also greedy for money. This may be one of the reasons why he wanted the lieutenant's job so eagerly. When Iago is with Roderigo he shows his greed to the maximum level. Knowing Roderigo is a very wealthy person he tells him, "Put money in thy purse." As Iago's plan to hate Othello progresses, so do his insults. We do not know whether Iago is racist, but he uses the racism within the Venetian society, such as that of Brabantio, to stir up trouble for Othello. "An old black ram is tupping your white ewe." This is a gross image which turns love making into an act of coupling between animals. Iago hates women. This is because he, as an individual does not believe in love. His interpretation of love is lust. He says he holds, "That you call love, to be sect or scion." He describes the love for a woman as, "the love of a guinea-hen." However Iago also mentions to himself about Othello, "He'll prove to Desdemona a most dear husband." He goes on to admit to the audience that, "Now, I love her too." Iago may be jealous about Othello having Desdemona when he knows that she would never ever love someone as capable of evil as himself. ...read more.


He claims he does not love her, and gets angry at her for allegedly suspecting that the handkerchief is a gift of another woman. But, Bianca is not disturbed, and leaves with the handkerchief. Iago is often one step ahead than others. He is two-sided and swears 'By Janus'. From the outside he seems very honest and loyal who is willing to advise and help people but on the inside he is very nosey, cunning, sly and deceitful. Iago has a powerful effect on Othello throughout the play. The quote, "Hold your hands." shows us near the beginning how Othello speaks with a noble and grand manager. Towards the end of the play we see just how Iago has managed to dominate and control Othello's mind. Othello uses animal imagery and words of lust and sex. Iago could be seen as evil incarnated, in the flesh as a devil. The Elizabethans would have believed in the presence of a devil. Then again, Iago did have reasons for what he did. He was promoted over by Cassio and knew what he was inside and that no woman would ever love him purely. Finally, many critics believe Iago is there to test the goodness of the more old fashioned, noble characters such as Othello and Desdemona. Othello Iago as Stage Manager and as seen through the Language of the Play ...read more.

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