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Iago Speech - Othello.

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Iago Speech Noble Gentlemen Of The Jury, Today I am to here to prove Iago's innocence in the cases that are being discussed for today. I must remind you that these accusations are as serious as they are illogical and therefore not only do I aim to clear his name I myself believe in his innocence. So let me summarise the evidence, now the prosecutor will tell you that Iago has not only killed Othello and Desdemona but that he did this by talking them into it this is nothing but ruthless childish accusation. Iago gave advice to his friend on a subject that was troubling him. ...read more.


As I sifted through the evidence of this case I have heard stories and that's what they are people. fiction. Stories with no physical evidence to back them up claiming that Iago had planned to destroy the relationship between Othello and Desdemona even if this was so, which I believe it is not, he did not physically attack either of them and therefore he is innocent. In the case of the Roderigo incident I claim that Iago was defending himself as he was attacked not attacking, if a man cannot defend himself against an attacker then what is he supposed to do stand there and die? ...read more.


Secondly he has doubts that she had been loyal to him during their relationship and believes that she had an affair with the moor. Also the loyalty she shows to her mistress Desdemona one above the loyalty she shows to him. These would all come together at once and he therefore struck out in the heat of the moment something that the French would call a crime of passion. In Conclusion Iago has really committed little crime, and in the case of Othello, Desdemona and Roderigo none at all. He only attacked Emilia through human emotion it was not pre-meditated and I think that he should not be punished for his crime for emotions make us human think about what u would do in his position. ...read more.

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