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Identity is the theme in the novel After The First Death by Robert Cormier. Throughout the book, Kate, the main character is constantly changing her emotions and the way she acts showing her different sides.

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How does the character Kate change throughout the novel? Identity is the theme in the novel 'After The First Death' by Robert Cormier. Throughout the book, Kate, the main character is constantly changing her emotions and the way she acts showing her different sides. When the main character, Kate appears, She is said to be 'silent'. This tells the reader, that she does not want to confront the terrorists, which also brings us to the point that Kate is not a very brave person. When the reader first meets Kate it had said that," She regarded then in shocked silence, mouth agape, eyes wide open with disbelief." Which tells the reader that she is terrified and scared. ...read more.


The chapter where Artkin was talking to Raymond about going for a trip outside, just for a walk to get some clean fresh air, Kate knew what was going to happen to Raymond, She knew they were going to kill him so Kate steps in the way and tries to defend the boy," Take me instead, me. Not him." This shows the reader that Kate is trying to be brave and caring by sticking up for the defenceless boy. It has said that when Miro first meets Kate, he thought as her, as a, "Blonde, slender girl with hair like honey syrup." This is a hint to the reader that Miro is developing some feelings for Kate, but Kate does not feel the same way back about Miro. ...read more.


Placed the gearshift into reverse and pressed her foot down on the accelerator as hard as she could. The whole plan was devious and cunning. Something you would not expect from Kate. At the end of the novel, Kate dies. But it's the way that Kate dies that really brings the book alive. Again we come back to the point of Kate's bravery. At the chapter where Miro digs a gun into Kate's chest to protect him, Kate struggles to save her life. She tries to talk Miro out of it by telling Miro That Artkin was his real father, "Artkin, He was your father, wasn't he?" She said watching him closely, gauging his reaction. "What makes you say that? You know nothing of us." "You look like father and son" Sophie McGann ...read more.

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