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If I had to be three characters in Romeo and Juliet they would be firstly:-

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If I had to be three characters in Romeo and Juliet they would be firstly:- MERCUTIO Mercutio because he is hilarious. He also has so much energy, in what he says and what he does, you see this in Act I scene IV 'The Masked ball' .He is a neutral character as he is Romeo's friend but he doesn't believe in the family's fighting, as when he dies he shouts "Plague on Both your houses". but he still sticks up for the Montages. He is witty and always interested in what Romeo is doing. He was the one who really made Romeo and Juliet meet, he persuaded Romeo to go to the masked ball, at the caplets house. Mercutio is always looking for something new and exiting to do. Romeo calls him a gentleman. he is very imaginative as you see in the queen Mab speech in Act I scene IV. He describes Romeo as "Romeo! Humours, Madman, Passion, Lover". Mercutio has two reasons to be in the play, the first is when he makes Romeo go to the ball where he meets Juliet. ...read more.


You see this when the nurse brings the message from Romeo, you hear the nurse trying to change the subject and saying that her back is hurting, Juliet only wants to know about what Romeo has said. She also gets mocked by Benvolio when she goes into the town to speak with Romeo. She never thinks before she speaks a bit like me, she believes that marriage does not have anything to do with love but marriage has everything to do with sex. Lady Capulet gets very uncomfortable when the nurse talks to her about sex. She is a very untactful women which is very funny and interesting which would make me want to be her in the play. She is very protective over Juliet you hear this when she says "But first let me tell ye, if ye should lead her in a fool's paradise as they say it were a very gloss kind of behaviour". This is when she is talking to Romeo. She is saying to Romeo, not to use Juliet or treat her badly. She would often set up meetings between Romeo and Juliet which she should not have done, if the Capulet family found out they would feel that she had been disloyal and she would probably loose her job. ...read more.


This would be fun to act. After Romeo and Juliet first kiss she says " You kiss by th' book" this means that he kisses according to the rules, she is implying that his kissing lacks originality. Romeo seems to do everything by the book even loving. Romeo's love for Rosaline was no more than puppy love, the love he shows for Juliet is a lot different he truly loves Juliet. His love for her changes throughout the play, he starts off by having a deep desire and as the play progresses it changes and he is then deeply in love with her. At the beginning of the play Romeo lacks one thing, he lacks love which he ends up with. This completes him and then he becomes more of an interesting character. These are all reasons why I would choose him. You can tell he is deeply in love with her as he risks his life just to catch a glimpse of the one he loves. If Romeo had not killed Tybalt the play would have been so much different, i think it would have been very boring. I think Romeo represents intelligence and most of all loyalty. ...read more.

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