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If I were Taoiseach how would I help Ireland?

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If I were Taoiseach by Sarah Clancy Taoiseach defined as the head of government or prime minister of Ireland is appointed by the President and in order to remain in office must get the support of the majority in the Dáil. What would I do as Taoiseach? What would I do to remain in office and get the support of the country behind me? Well your about to find out! If I had the chance to plan for the government, my ideas would include the following. I would try to reduce the hardships the recession has brought by introducing an extensive public works programme. This would provide work to many people with different types of skills. This would reawaken many of the ghost estates and run down areas as construction work would flourish employing thousands all over the country. The unemployed would get there confidence back as they would feel that they are valuable all while aiding the improvement of the country. If I were Taoiseach I would try to get a major transport system build in almost every main town and or city. ...read more.


Many people with hospitalization needs don't have jobs that can provide money for medical expenses and may have to rely on relatives or generous friends for expenses. I would try to correct this problem by providing money to health facilities to allow them to perform procedures for people at a lower cost. I would put a limitation on taxation in the country. I think people work extremely hard for their money and when they see their wage get cut in half by harsh taxes imposed by the government they get angry at the government for putting them in this situation. If it were up to me I would pay back our debts slowly so people could have enough money to survive on. I wouldn’t charge different taxes according to the person’s job, I think everyone should get taxed the same at a lower rate. I would review every minister sitting in the Dáil and make sure they are doing the best for our country and trying to improve the country. I don’t think that people should get paid unless they are working their hardest and putting immense effort into what they are trying to achieve. ...read more.


Again all of my efforts abroad would hopefully present Ireland as a very welcoming place and even though we may be in a spot of bother we can and we are trying our best to improve the country and what we stand for. I would try to publish a newspaper that deals especially with what the government are doing every day in order to help our country. I think if this was released the citizens would see what we are working for and how our future is looking. Rather than hearing false and misleading information which makes things sound worse than they are. I would try to keep up public appearances and let the Irish people know what is going on and how we are planning for the future. I would keep everyone in the loop. I would also encourage the people to give me their suggestions, what they would like to see improved in our economy. As the next few years are the greatest opportunity to change Ireland and to get out of our economic crisis, I think people should stop talking about change and take action it is the only way to act in our situation. Reformation is needed we need to amend our economy, our government and our country. ...read more.

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