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If only.

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If only There he stood blue lipped and white faced staring down at the sea washing over the black rocks, a good twenty metres high. Paul looked up, watery eyed, across the desert of wavy water and stared into the dark red sun setting in the distance, sinking down just like Paul's life. As he stared into the red reaches of the sun Paul was contemplating his life and how he felt now he had lost practically everything. "Why me, why, why?" Paul began to sob, again looking down at the thick, cold, black rocks. His bare feet shuffled forward another few inches towards the edge, his hair blew in the wind. To him it felt like the way his dad used to run his fingers through his hair to calm Paul down in his younger years but with a quick snap he realised that his dad can not calm him down now or save him. Paul was at the lowest point in his life three days after his twentieth birthday, he felt that when everybody feasts on life's fruit and joy he got the indigestion, but there was a more upsetting reason for Paul's behaviour and this will be revealed with time. ...read more.


he had only got two days to get the money to the drug dealer's boss and the money was coming in three days. "I know, I will risk it. Only a day later they won't mind" so Paul set it at the back of his mind and forgot about it and just tried to live a normal life until the money arrived. Time had now passed it was two days after the call. The so-called 'Dark Angel' was sat there looking at his watch: it was eleven fifty nine. It was the longest minute of the man's life then twelve struck, clunk went the clip into the butt of the nine-millimetre handgun, with a gold encrusted eagle on the side of it, the gun looked stunning then a jet black silencer was screwed on to the barrel of the gun, the Dark Angel meant business. At approximately twelve twenty he pulled up in his car, to Paul's two-bedroom house. It was tatty, messy, it even could do with a lick of paint; he looked at his watch to make sure. Out of the car he stepped and quietly clunked shut the door, he knelt down to the wing mirror of his car and flicked back his dread-locked hair and sat there staring into his jet-black pupil in the wing mirror. ...read more.


Her white face and blue lips contrasted heavily and made the image of her face a sorry sight. He edged closer doing the best to grip the wall for safety and knelt over Fiona's face and stared into her eyes. The image had stuck, Fiona's eyes made him feel weak almost as if he needed to escape from the eyes but it was too late, the image was imprinted in his mind. He stared long and hard thinking of what he was going to have to explain to people, that his girlfriend got murdered because of his drug problem. Paul felt like he was lost and would never find his way out never. After a few minutes of crying whilst clutching to Fiona's clothes he ran down stairs and out on to the lawn not even with his shoes on. He jumped in his car and as quickly as he could he drove towards the cliff at Devil point. He felt he needed to escape those eyes burnt on the back of his retinas, it would be a constant reminder of Fiona lying there dead, silent, cold. If only he could control his need for drugs and good times this would have never have occurred, if only. He was there at the cliff, he knew what he had to do. By Alex Toley ...read more.

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